New places 

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I forgot how weird it is to move. To sleep in a new place. This room doesn’t feel like my room. It is my room.  My stuff is in it. But it’s not mine yet. No pictures are hung. Boxes are still everywhere. I keep thinking I’m going to go back to my old room at my old place. I have to keep reminding myself that this is my new home. The only things left in my old place is cleaning supplies and things I want to donate. 

I’m also going to have to adjust living with a roommate. Don’t get me wrong. She has been awesome thus far! I’ve just lived alone for the last two years so it’s a weird change. 

More about my move, work, and that time I went on an awkward date once I unpack more. 

Hey Meghan is moving 

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No really. I’m moving tomorrow. Not my blog. Don’t worry guys. I know I’ve been MIA. I didn’t plan to just disappear again. I’ve actually had a lot of things to write about. I just haven’t had the time. After I get settled in from my move I will be back. I promise. 

Things that aren’t okay …

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My little sister has as many tattoos as me now. That’s two. She got two in one month. I got two in theee years. Is it bad I’m mad about this. 

Stormin to the party like my name is El Nino

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10 point to anyone who started to sing along to the title of this post. On this episode of Meghan goes to concerts…..Meghan is going to see Sum41, Pierce the Veil, and Emarosa in May! Woohoo.

Fun fact about my new apartment. It’s less than a mile from an awesome concert venue call The Fillmore. This concert in like 3 days after I move in 🙂 I plan to go to many many more in the future since I’m now walking distance and all!

That’s all I got for now. Here are some songs from each of the bands I’ll be seeing.


Sum41: Fat Lip (super popular…you should know this song)


Pierce the Veil: Caraphernelia (ft the lead singer of my fav band)


Emarosa: Sure



Honorable mention:

I’m not actually seeing this band but I’ve been jamming out to them a lot lately. So I thought I would post a song from them too.

Burden of a Day: The same in Shedding Wool



Single Schmingle: Conversations with Hey Meghan

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So Jess and I are starting a post about being in your mid 20s, being awkward and dating!


I did kind of a sad thing yesterday. I googled “How to Casually Date”. Some of you may be on the same train. If so, welcome aboard the Casually Dating Express. There are no Chocolate Frogs, Pumpkin…

Source: Single Schmingle: Conversations with Hey Meghan


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Realizing that you’re completely alone is one the most numbing and scariest things. That’s what I’m sitting here feeling at 6:40am. Before my talk there was still a glimmer of hope. I didn’t have to fully face these feelings. Now there is none. 

I know that I am not actually alone. I have so many people in my life that love and support me. I’m alone in the fact that I no longer have someone to cuddle in the middle  of the night. No one to hug and kiss. No one to hold my hand. The thought that I’m going to have to put myself out there and be vulnerable with another person again one day terrifies me. I’m am not an open and vulnerable person. Like I said in my last post, for now I will let myself hurt and be a little numb and sad. It’s part of the healing process. It will take time. 

As for NBF. We will just call him JM now. He will still be a part of my life. We have the same friends. We play on the same soccer team. We will have to see each other if we want to or not. He understands and respects the fact that I am going to need my time and space. I would like to be friends with him again and I know he would really like that too. If that was the one thing we had it was a strong friendship. It has always been very easy to talk to one another. To share our deepest darkest secrets. Even in our talk last night he still shared a very dark and painful secret with me. As strong as our friendship is though, it is never easy to be friends with and ex. How do you be friends with someone that you had a physical, mental, emotional and well… sexual relationship with? It’s not an easy thing. This is just something I will have to take one day at a time.