Month: August 2013

Crashing and burning

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So I’m currently running off of 4 hours of sleep…..and it’s 1am….and I won’t be going to bed anytime soon. YIKES. I want bed! NOW!


Life’s a game m…

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Life’s a game made for everyone
And love is the prize

Wake me up- Avicii

Oh hey real world

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So I’m starting to look into all I need to do for grad school. I have one word for it all. YIKES! I don’t even know where to start!!!! My advisor is sadly not too much of a help either. 


I need to register and start studying for my GRE’s first of all.

YAY standardized testing……

I also need to start researching schools and professors. Which I have already started trying to do and am currently failing at. HELP. 


Currently I just want to put on my shoes and run……run till I don’t exist anymore.

That’s acceptable right? 

Eh I’ll figure this all out somehow. I always do.




Music Monday part 3

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This music monday is brought to you by once of my favorite bands.


A Day to Remember- Have Faith in Me


With the weight of the world on my shoulders,
They just wanna see me fall
Have faith in me


Don’t you ever forget. Have faith in me and I’ll have faith in you.




yes you. 






I’m just the g…

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I’m just the girl you met when you were too young, and you messed up because there’s too much living to do.


It’s 5’oclock in the morning….

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As I am writing this it actually isn’t 5am. OBVIOUSLY. Let’s backtrack to saturday afternoon. I was just chilling…you know hanging out. I was getting amped up about the toga party that was supposed to happen later that night when suddenly I get a text. The text was from my good friend Carly. She was telling me how her roommate was going to see sea turtles hatch or something like that in the morning. Being the marine science nerd I am, I spared no time asking how we could get in on this. She told me she would ask. A few minutes later I get a text back from her say WE WERE IN! Then she tells me it’s $5 to get into the state park and we have to be there at…..6:30 AM! Yup AM. This meant I would have to get up by about 5:30 am. I had a choice to make. TOGA party and generic college shenanigans or get to see baby sea turtles. I chose the sea turtles. There would be more parties, but this may be the only opportunity I would get to see this.

So I get up bright and early…..after hitting snooze a few times… 5:30 am. I make myself look somewhat presentable and I hop in my car and head to Carly’s apartment. I must say it’s oddly peaceful at 5:50am. We were on our way to the beach by 6:10am. We arrived to the state park around 6:30am.  Just in time to see the sun rise over the water. Sunrises are always beautiful to watch.

Good Morning Sunshine

IMG_4522 IMG_4524

One thing I didn’t think about was the fact that turtle nests usually hatch at night. DUH!!! I should have known that.  We learned upon arrival that this particular nest had hatched a few days ago. The purpose of this morning was to take inventory of the nest. The park ranger told us some facts about the nest and leatherback turtles while some volunteers started to dig up the nest. They were counting eggs that had successfully hatched, eggs that hatched but did not survive, eggs that didn’t hatch, and eggs that didn’t hatch but still had the potential too. Once this was complete the ranger announced that she had a surprise for us. It turns out that early that morning some volunteers had discovered a straggler. The poor baby had gotten too cold on it’s venture to the water and went “belly up”. When the babies go belly up they aren’t usually dead. They have just gotten too cold. The ranger had wrapped the baby up and was keeping it warm in her pocket while inventory of the nest was being taken.  She announced that it was warm enough now and  we got to release this little dude! FINALLY! What we really came for  🙂

So we lined up down the shore.


And then the baby was RELEASED!

how is this not cute

After a few tries the little baby was on its way 🙂




After the baby had made it to the water we decided that we had been awake since about 5:30am. It was time to  treat ourselves to some breakfast.


The rest of the morning was spent as a lazy day fill with doughnuts, tea and Gilmore Girls.

So basically I made the better choice going to see the turtles instead of going to the party. Also, my school caught find of this fratty toga party and threatened consequences if the party happened. Needless to say, the party got cancelled.


Now I’m exhausted and am ready  to get all snuggled up in bed. Hello 8:30am classes.



ps: I got ANOTHER internship! More reports on that later.

If you have bui…

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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau