Month: March 2014

My family

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I know I have written about my family before but here’s another frustrated post. Let it be said I love my finally dearly but they are also one of the biggest contributors to all my stress and anxiety.
Most people never want to leave college. Me? Honestly I’m ready to be done. I’m ready to get out into the world and provide for myself. I’m really sick of depending on my family half the time for things I need. I want to do my own thing on my own time. I feel like when I’m with them I have to act a certain way and spend an allotted amount of time with them blah blah blah… because if I don’t I will upset and offend them and they will think I don’t love them anymore. Also I’m tried if their bickering all the time. You’ve been divorced since I was ten but yet you still manage to involve me in your fights. I appreciate the fact you want to see me and spend time with me. Some peoples parents don’t even give them the time of day. When you fight with the other parent and yell at me and get mad at me because you didn’t get as much time with me as you wanted that’s makes me not want to come around anymore. I’m sorry. I offered other times but it was not when you wanted so it didn’t work.

My sister is also currently driving me nuts right now. She is 19 and thinks she is 22 like me. She’s at that age where she thinks she’s always right and does what she wants and doesn’t think about if it hurts other people. She is rude, selfish, and trashes everything. I won’t sit here and tell you I’m the cleanest person in the world because I’m not. My room is messy 50% of the time. That doesn’t mean I trash other peoples rooms or shared common areas. I keep those neat. She just spreads her stuff everywhere and leaves it. Ughhh 😡😤

Sorry for the semi angry rant. I just really needed to get it out. Especially after my sister has been a brat all morning and I just got an angry text from my dad because we already promised my mom we would do lunch today…. $5 says my sister will tell my mom and I will have to listen to them bitch about my dad all afternoon … Woo


An annoyed Meghan


The S word: Surgery

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For the last year I have had a lingering cough and constant congestion. Over spring break I finally had the chance to go to a specialty ear, nose, and throat doctor. I had my reservations about this visit. Both my parents have had to have surgeries for deviated septum’s. I was guessing I was next. I get there, waited a while, and then I was put in a room with THE SCOPE..aka the camera they would be shoving up my nose shortly. 

The tv I would be using to see up my nose

The doctor came in and merely looked in my nose and was already letting out the never good “OHHHH”. I asked what was wrong and said he could already see that my septum was deviated, he just didn’t know how badly. You know what this means?!! TIME TO SHOVE A CAMERA UP MY NOSE. woo……..


You see that long thin rod to the right?? Yeah, that was shoved up my nose. After a quick look up my nose we found out how bad my septum really was. You see most peoples septum’s are generally a straight vertical line or at least very close to that. My septum likes to not conform with the usual and it is shaped like an S. This means: in one nostril I have a big blockage in the front of my nose and in the other nostril I have a big blockage in the back part of my nose. I asked what my options were and immediately he said surgery. I asked if I had any other options and he told me there was one. He gave me a steroid nose spray and I was instructed to use it for three to four weeks.  If it was working I would feel a difference in my nose in a few weeks. If I was not seeing any changes I get to call him back and schedule surgery for sometime right after graduation. WOO 

ImageYou see this face. This is not my happy face.  Oh well. There is about a 50/50 chance that I will need surgery right now. Updates will be posted after my few weeks on the nose steroids. 


Spring break

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Spring break is here so let the adventures begin. I probably won’t be writing here much in the next week. Until then I hope everyone has a fabulous week.

Adventure #1 begins today!


Dirty Heads

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The dirty heads can sing me to sleep any night ❤

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.

ps: I get to see them for a second time in april at a beer and wine festival!!!! WOOOO

ABC’s of your blogger

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I thought it would be fun to do a little “get to know your blogger” post.  I got this idea from I’m a dumb dumb and don’t know how to link blogs the cool way….sorry! I hope you all enjoy

Age: 22! And no I am not “feelin twenty twoooo”. Please don’t sing me that song!!

Birthday: November 1st!

Colour: Orange or purple

Drink: Water, orange juice, gatorade. I am an orange juice addict. I can finish a gallon to myself in two days if I wanted. Also, is it inappropriate to write liquor? I’ll just include that anyways.

Essential item: CHAPSTICK

Flashback: For some reason lately I’ve been flashing back a ton to that drive down the road next to the bay. The road where you can see the bridge. Oh and sitting on those logs on 4th of july on that beach with the fire works all around us.

Gent: UMMMMMMMMMMM. I don’t know. I would love to meet Zach Braff?

Hobby: I do things? I wouldn’t call them hobbies? I like to blog and just roam around and explore. I also like Netflix….. and soccer.

Indulgence: Chocolate! Hands down chocolate. I also enjoy bubble baths will candles, some nice music and wine.

Job: Currently, I work in the Environmental Quality lab at my school. I just wash lab equipment at the moment but hey I get paid. I’m hoping to either get my old internship back this summer or get accepted into the Smithsonian internship program! Wish me luck.

Kiddos: NOOOOO! Maybe one day but for now I am nowhere ready or equipped to be a parent. It creeps me out when people post their ultrasounds on facebook. Please stop that.

Live: At the beach somewhere down south 😉 Exact locations aren’t needed you creepers.

Music: Rock. Basically any genre. As of right now I am very into “reggae-ish” music.

Nickname: Meg, meggy, peanut. I hate the nickname meggy though.

Overnight hospital stays: Three. I only remember two though. The first was when I was just a little over a month old. I spent my first Christmas in the hospital.  The second time was in 6th grade. The 3rd time was right before my freshman year of high school. I was there for two weeks and diagnosed with Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Pets: I have a dog named Bridget who is the love of my life. Sadly, she lives with my parents so technically I don’t currently have any pets living with me. I used to my have a mouse named Jeffery who I miss dearly.

Quote from a movie: “Every story has an end. But in life, every ending is just a new beginning.” -Uptown girls

Right or left: Right.

Siblings: I have one biological little sister and a step sister my age and an older step brother. My step brother and I are fairly close and my little sister and I are as close as siblings can be. We have a love/hate relationship. My step sister and I really don’t talk much nor do we get along well.

Temperature: I prefer warmer weather. Fall and summer are my favorites.

University: Marine Biologist at CCU!

Vehicle: Honda Insight. I’m eco-friendly and drive a hybrid.

Worst habit: Sometimes I over exaggerate stories. I don’t mean too really. It was just when I was younger I was very quite and soft spoken. People would just talk over me and ignore me in group settings when I would talk. So now I talk louder and over exaggerate stories so people pay attention. It’s a bad habit I’m really trying hard to break. I also pick at the spilt ends of my hair as a nervous/anxious habit.

X-ray: I’ve had multiple ones on my feet, wrists, and hands. I’ve also had one on my knee and back I believe.

Yuck: Seafood! I study it. I don’t eat it. I’m actually a pretty picky eater. I also hate blood.

Zoo animal favorite: Ummmm I don’t know. I love animals in general. I’ve always been a sucker for moneys or the big jungle cats though. I would love to be able to interact with them.



Life is a beach

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“My life is like a stroll on the beach….as far to the edge as I can go”

Good day

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It’s been a good day 🙂
Day jammed packed full of research and being covered in mud. Nothing makes me happier. I love what I do.