Month: June 2014

Too blessed to be stressed

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I’m restarting the ever so daunting task of job hunting. In the last week I have found NOTHING. Yay the joys of being an adult. In these times I have to remember the words of rebelution “yes I may stress, too blessed to be stressed”. Wish me luck reader as I continue on to find a job.







Quotes from “girls night”

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This is what happens when guys get stuck at “girls night ”

Chris (aka brother):


“Do you feel more manly now that David is here to discuss pedal boards and guns?”
“And hardcore music”

“Is that hairspray or estrogen I smell”

“Also I think “ass-burgers” sound great”

“I’d like to point out he scrambled her eggs then made her scrambled eggs.”

“Jessie why are you leaving. Do you have work?
“You have a job interview?
“Is there someone waiting in your bed for you?!”
“Then stay. We are getting pizza”


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Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish it’s source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.

-Anaïs Nin

Lazy Sundays

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Today was one of those stay in bed and netflix binge all day kind of days. I managed to stay in bed (pant-less) until around 3:30 pm today. I’d would say that’s not a bad day at all. WImagehy am I spending a nice day in bed you ask? Well I was resting up for my sure to be very long and tiring week. Sometimes my job requires me to travel. This is one of those weeks. The other intern warned me that travel weeks are no joke. It is long days and lots of work. There was a mention of 7:30am to 9:30pm long days. It also doesn’t help that I don’t sleep well in hotels so staying in bed all day binge watching Hart of Dixie seemed like the logical thing to do. On that note too, I probably should go to bed. I am the worlds worst packer and still need to finish packing, shower and eat all before 7:30am.


I hope everyone has a lovely week. I’ll see you all on Saturday (maybe).






Please understand

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I’m still trying to find where I belong. My niche. A place to call home.


Coming to a computer near you…

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A favorite things vlog! I think it may be a fail blog cause I’m doing it alone.

Here are some pictures from filming to show just how “well” it is going..

Photo on 6-19-14 at 7.52 PM


Photo on 6-19-14 at 7.55 PM




Photo on 6-19-14 at 7.48 PM #3



Yeah this is going to be interesting to edit….




Updates and such aka life

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Well I was going to go to Caitlin’s tonight to hang out and make more vlogs but I’m currently on empty and have no money for gas. Being an adult sucks. Since that is most likely not happening I think I’ll be at home catching up on blogging and my new favorite show. I’ll be MIA for the next week or so. My job/internship requires me to travel sometimes and next week is one of those times. I’ve been warned by the other intern that travel weeks are death. He mentioned clocking 14 hour days sometimes. Oh the life of a field researcher. Needless to say next week will kick my ass but hopefully result in a nice pay check. Also, more lovely vlogs/posting have been added to youtube. My most recent post aka 5 mins ago is a facts video ft. Caitlin again.


More posts coming later.





FACTS video: