Month: July 2014

HUMP day currently…a day late

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Making :: Plans to join a gym tomorrow because…. I need to.

Drinking :: nothing. I could go for some jack at the moment though please and thank you. 

Reading :: about gym memberships….well at least I’m trying but the website gives little to no info. 

Wanting :: to figure shit out. No more blurred lines. No more wondering. No more bull shit. Can you tell I’m frustrated?

Looking :: for a boat that I can afford and live on. I’m currently considering living on a boat.

Eating :: Does chewing gum count?

Wishing :: many things….. many many things. 

Enjoying :: mehhhhhh pass…

Waiting :: for 8pm so I can go do things with friends. 

Liking :: The fact that I have plans for my day off tomorrow.

Wondering :: why I am wasting my time. Why Meghan WHY?

Hoping ::  that this itching will stop soon.  My sunburn has started to peel! Ahhh so itchy and in the worst spot. I don’t think it is really acceptable to itch you cleavage in public. Good thing I’m at home right now. 

Wearing :: a tee shirt and my ratty old gym shorts. I’m about to be in my fav new shirt. It is this super comfy long sleeve shirt with the anatomy of a shark on the back 😀

Thinking :: That my pay check tomorrow may suck. I am hoping not. I need to put more money towards my moving out fund. I’m halfway to my goal!

Trying :: to be positive. I’m just annoyed/upset/sort of offended at the moment. It’s whatever. I’ll be over it soon. 

Feeling :: annoyed. upset. insulted. unsure. hurt.  


Jealousy is not a good look for me

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I really should just stay off social media. Actually I should really just delete facebook. I find it to be basically worthless now a days anyways. I can feel that little green monster raging inside of me currently. It is dumb. This is all dumb. Ugh



My not so four day weekend

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Well readers I did have two days off of work but it’s looking like not anymore. I had taken this Thursday and Friday off a bit ago with the assumptions I had plans. Apparently plan A was only a plan in my head and nobody else’s. Oh well! PI then moved on to plans b-f

Plan B: drive to Nashville for the weekend. This plan failed because my best friend has to work all weekend. No Tennessee for me.

Plan C: go to coastal to visit. My one friend also took this weekend off in hopes her make friend was coming to visit. It currently up in the air if he is coming. I was going to go hang out with her and cheer her up of he didn’t come but it’s still all too up in the air.

Plan D: go to to bush gardens. This also fell through because everybody is busy tomorrow. I mean everyone!

Plan E-F: hang out with my two best friends/ various other people. This failed because they both have summer school or work.

So it looks like I’m not having a 4 day weekend anymore. I’m going to work. At least I’m making money. I need to save so much more so I can move.


The path to letting go

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Maybe it is time to just let it go and move on with life. I don’t want to but I’m starting to think it’s time.

Well I’m in pain

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The word of the day kids is: SUNBURN




It is safe to say that I am in a slight amount of pain. My river float yesterday was fun but also resulted in some lovely burns and tan lines. 

This sun burn isn’t enough to stop me from enjoying some roller coasters, beer, and delicious pretzels though! Nothing will keep me from Bush Gardens. Not the rain, and not this sunburn. It’s been a long week and the next few weeks will be long so nothing will keep me away from one of the few things that make me blissfully happy. 

Maybe I will start the whole 100 days of happy thing. I need to keep moving forward and a little positivity. 

Morning views

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Good morning world.

I’m off to go float down a river for the next few hours.

Have a great day



Hump day tunes

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Have I abused the saying “hump day” yet?


Here is a new song I just now found