Month: September 2014

Tunes tuesday

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Hey unfaithful I will teach you
To be stronger
Hey unloving
I will love you



The early riser

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The problem with being an early riser is this: I’m currently sitting on caitlin/my brothers couch. I’m the only one awake and it’s about 8:15 am. My brother came come from work about an hour ago and woke us all up. Now Cait and my brother are back in their room sleeping and I have her snoring brother and cousin on the floor below me. I’m debating on if it’s rude to turn on the tv quietly to watch Netflix. Then again, our little group has no boundaries. Jake was farting in his hands and shoving it on our faces last night.
It’s okay guys. We’ve have all been good friends for roughly the last 6-8 years. I love this group of friends because there is no filter on them and even though we are all adults, we still have giant sleepovers consisting of beer, pizza, movies and everyone falling asleep in Caitlin’s living room.

Oh friends. Ps: I’ve decided yes on the netflix


So I found my old phone

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This post will have minimal words. I found my cell phone from what I can only guess was from sometime between sophomore or junior year. Here are some lovely pictures I found from probably close to 6 years ago

My step sister and I when we still actually got along
Because dark eyeliner and side-swept bangs were my thing


ohh the emo angst
Baby Caitlin and Meghan



Oh the awkward high school years.

Whoops! I’ve been a lazy blogger.

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You see what happened was…… well……ummmm…. I would start writing posts yesterday …….and just never finish them. Yesterday was a weird day. I woke up all motivated to conquer the world. I even got up and made myself an actual breakfast! SAY WHAT?! Most of the time my breakfast is a toaster strudel or a waffle, that is if I even eat. Yesterday morning I felt so inspired to make myself a bacon, egg white, and cheese sandwich on an english muffin?! Where is Meghan and what have you done with her??! I know I have said I am going to be healthier a million  times on this blog but this time I really am making a conscious effort to live better. As of lately, I don’t like how I look or feel in my own skin. I am not in any way calling myself fat  because I am not. I have gained weight, but with the crohns that isn’t bad. I don’t like where the weight has distributed itself and I am working on becoming more tones. I’m sure you can all tell I’ve been in a bit of a slump in the last couple months. It has stemed from getting rejected from grad school, not being able to find a job post grad, and basically getting my heart broken from the male species. I shall rise and I shall prevail. I feel trying to live a healthier life will help me feel better all around.

I have now lost my train of thought and feel like this post has turned in more of a ramble than a structured post. I’m half awake and hungry so I will end it here. I’ll be posting more in the next few days and will hopefully be pumping out some more vlogs.




Home for the holidays

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My mom was less than thrilled with my lack of enthusiasm in regards to thanksgiving plans with my family. She has made it clear multiple times that “Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving are super important and she wants the family together for”. It’s not possible for me to spend every holiday with her nor do I want to. I barely see my dad as is and also would like to spend some holiday time with him. My mom is clinging to every possible moment with me because she knows I’ll be gone soon and I’m going at disappearing. Trust me. I want to make my own choices of where I go or don’t go. I’ll be 23 by the time the holidays come around damnit! Every time I mention how I may not be here I get a tearful speech from her about how I need to spend time with my family especially during the holidays. A lot of my family members on both parents and step parents sides are getting old and sick. I want quality time with them all. I don’t want to be forced to chose who my time goes to and she doesn’t get that. As I’ve said before, if I had it my way I would spend the holidays ALONE.

Meh! I’m super tired from this past weekend from the last few days so the catching up on the blog-tember posts will have to wait till tomorrow.

On one other note my grandma is very sick. She had to have emergency surgery for a bowl obstruction last Tuesday. She was moved to a rehab center this morning but was just now returned to the hospital with a fever and infection. She is in her upper 80s and we are now really worried about her. She is stubborn and a fighter so I’m hoping she will pull through fine but if you all could please send what ever you believe in (good thoughts, vibes, prayers, etc) It is greatly needed and appreciated right now.

Yay blog

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Just a quick blurb but I wanted to say that I’m thrilled! My blog has been getting a lot of traffic lately and a handful of new followers! I love that my blog is growing and someone is entertained by my life. I love connecting with fellow bloggers all over the world! I’d love suggestions for more fun people to follow if anyone has some!

I’ll be back to the blog-tember challenge tomorrow when I get home. I have a lot of catching up. Oops

Where shall I roam next?

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As we all know I like to roam. Since I’m currently jobless and like to stay busy I have been doing what I do best….ROAMING. This post is currently being written in South Carolina at my former University! In the last few weeks I’ve went to Tennessee and now here. Where should my next trip be? I’m thinking maybe DC or up to Indiana to visit some family. I don’t get to see my family in Indiana as often as I want since they are pretty far away. Maybe I can convince my dad to road trip with me and split the 14 hour drive. Any suggestions of where I should go next. Anyone know of a good place I can learn to sail??