Month: November 2014

Feel good music

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Today’s song is Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon.

This is one of those lovely feel good songs you dance around your room in your underwear to. Try it. You won’t regret it!


The followers lie

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I just noticed my profile says that my blog has 1000 some followers. That is actually a lie. I have 54 followers but my blog is technically linked to my facebook so it gives the illusion of tons of followers. OOPS!

Those realizations

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I ran across some old messages. It’s amazing to see how I was so blind before. These messages reveled how flawed everything was. I’m realizing now I was in my own delirious hopeful world for way too long. Things crashed and burned way over a good year ago but yet I still insisted on fighting on. My heartbreak was partially my own stupidity and blindness. Love is in fact blind and stupid. Oh well. Lesson learn. Get your head out of the clouds Meghan. Life isn’t a fairy tale you can magically fix.

Q&A session

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I did feel like writing a real post so I decided to do a Q&A. Another blog posted this 47 questions things so I thought “why not”. I’ll write real posts after all the holiday stuff settles down.

1. Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?

2. When did your last hug take place?
Eh sometime earlier. I had dinner with some friends and their family is a group of huggers.

3. Are you a jealous person?
Eh it really depends. If I care enough about something then I can be.

4. Are you tired right now?
Kind of. It’s about midnight here. I didn’t do a whole lot today other than have dinner with my friends and look at christmas lights. I’m a little too broke for anything else so I sleep. A LOT.

5. Do you chew on your straws?
No, not usually.

6. Have you ever been called a tease?
Yeah once or twice. I honestly think guys expect too much from us though. Just because I’m nice and have a conversation with you doesn’t mean I want to make out with you or jump in bed. If that makes me a tease you need to chill.

7. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
Not that I can ever remember. I like my 8 hours of sleep at night. You don’t want to deal with a sleep deprived Meghan. I’m either super loopy or super cranky.

8. Do you cry easily?
NOPE. I hate crying. I find it embarrassing and a sign of weakness honestly. I try my best to not cry. If I do it’s generally not in front of people. I despise crying in front of people.

9. What should you be doing right now?
Sleeping. …… it up on a Friday night. I actually didn’t even know what day it was till earlier. OOPS.

10. Are you a heavy sleeper?
Not usually. I’m generally a pretty light sleeper. I am a champ at pretending to be asleep when I don’t feel like dealing with people yet. There is a high chance if you walk into my room I’m probably at least slightly awake.

11. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months?
I mean I’m pretty sure I’ve been in one for more than 6 months at a time. Maybe? I don’t really remember.

12. Are you mad at someone right now?
I don’t know if I would say mad. Frustrated and annoyed…YES

13. Do you believe in love?
Meh. As much as I want to say no the answer is sadly yes. I’m really not a big fan of it at the moment. It’s also one of the things I struggle with the most as a person.

14. What makes you laugh no matter what?
Scrubs or parks and rec….and maybe Caitlin.

15. Who was the last person you talked to?
Carly, because I just walked out of the room she is staying in.

16. Do you get butterflies around the person you like?
LOLZ no. I don’t like anyone.

17. Will you get married?
At this point in my life I think I would have to say no. I’m still not really sure if that’s something I want.

18. When was the last time you smiled?
Probably a few minutes ago at something Carly said before I went to my room.

19. Does anyone like you?
I’d assume yes since this dude keeps messaging me on Twitter and said “we should hang”. Pass sir. You were rude to my friend, are not even 21 yet and I have no interest in “hanging out” with any boys at this current time.

20. Do you secretly like someone?
It’s not a secret. NO. HA.

21. Who was the first person you talked to today?
My mom I guess? I don’t remember.

22. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
Probably either Megan or Amanda my two best friends. I’ve know them forever and we are probably a little too open with each other. I know I can ask them anything.

23. What are you NOT looking forward to?
Um buying Christmas gifts because I’m broke as shit and desperately need a job.

24. What ARE you looking forward to?
The fact that I’m seeing A Day to Remember this time next week.

25. Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you, and meant it?
Once upon a time yes.

26. Suppose you see your ex kissing another person what would you do?

27. Do you plan on moving out within the next year?
Hell yes! I hope I can move out in the next month or two.

28. Are you a forgiving person?
For the most part yes I am.

29. How many TRUE friends do you have?
I’d say a good 10 or so.

30. Do you fall for people easily?
No. Ha not at all. I don’t trust and I don’t like letting people in.

31. Have you ever fallen for your ex’s best friend?
Hahahaha what the hell?? No.

32. What’s the last thing you put in your mouth?
A weird candy cane. I didn’t like the flavor so my sister got high and ate it.

33. Who was the last person you drove with?
Carly and my sister.

34. How late did you stay up last night and why?
Ummmm I don’t remember. Probably 12 ish? I was at a party at my neighbors for post thanksgiving drunkery.

35. If you could move somewhere else, would you?
IN A HEARTBEAT YES. I want to be anywhere but here.

36. Who was the last person you took a picture of?
I have no idea. I did take a picture of christmas light. Not a person but still……

37. Can you live a day without TV?
I can but I don’t. I have this horrid habit of sleeping with the tv on. It comforts me.

38. When was the last time you were extremely disappointed?
That one time I never got a call back from all those jobs I applied for……………..

39. Three names you go by…
Meghan. Megs. Stickbear (don’t ask)

40. Are you currently in a relationship?
Didn’t you already ask this? No.

41. What is your all-time favourite romance movie?
Does 50 first dates count? I’ve really never been a fan of romance movies. I prefer comadies or horror movies.

42. Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
Yes I do, but I also believe that people rarely ever find their true soul-mate. Most people just settle.

43. What’s your current problem?
I need a full time job and my own place ASAP.

44. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yup. You think I would have learned the first time.

45. Your thoughts of long distance relationships?
No. Never again. My anxiety hit an all time high during that time of my life. At the time it was worth it, but after going through that experience I don’t think I would ever do that again. Just no.

46. How many kids do you want to have?
I want dogs. Pass on the kids.

47. Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?
Why are these question so obsessed with relationships? I’m starting to assume some teenage girl wrote these. I don’t handle emotions well. I’m very emotionally distant. All my friends know that.

Post thanksgiving #2

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Post thanksgiving is brought to you by family and alcohol. My goal to for the day was basically to be drunk. I didn’t achieve that goal but I got close enough. This post will be will a short ramble and it will reference Carly since she is currently with me till Saturday. Our day started with driving into the city to cat sit. Thunder was happy for human interaction. Once we returned home (1ish pm) the drinking began. People stared showing up around 3:15pm. This year we hosted an orphan thanksgiving. You can figure out what that entails. After our company left we headed down to a neighbors house for post thanksgiving. That’s where I got to hang out with my favorite man….Mr. Jack Daniels. We hung out for a while and ran into people I wasn’t friends with in high school but the memories of those days and the alcohol United us. It was kind of nice to be past the judgemental high school days and to actually have a semi real conversation with these people. Now Carly and I are camped out in the rec room watching Scooby Doo and then witches ghost because why not ?!

I joe everyone in the USA had a great thanksgiving and everyone else had a great day.

Also excuse my typos. Blogging on my phone isn’t the easiest.


Ps: we made this for thanksgiving. Wife us up people. (I’m saying this in the most sarcastic voice possible)


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Well it happened folks. We got some flurries here. It started off as rain with a few random flurries. It then turn to a sleet like mixture. Finally, giant flurries! It lasted for maybe 20 mins but it snowed here people. Snow always seems to skip this part of town. There actually wasn’t supposed to be any today. Tomorrow they are calling for more snow showers. I’m hoping they don’t come since I have to drive downtown to feed my friend’s cat. Until then, I’ll be curled up watching movies and drinking apple beers with my dog, knuckles and Carly!
Oh yeah! Knuckles and Carly are here! Carly is one of my best friends from school and knuckles is her hedgehog! They will be spending the holidays with us!




WOOHOO I was nominated…and now so are you!

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I was nominated for a Liebster award! To be completely honest I’m not 100% what it even is but I’ll play along because I like listing random facts about myself. I was nominated by lovely Liz (thevodkasodaescapades).

Here are the rules:

  • Answer the 11 questions that the person that nominated you gave you
  • List 11 facts about yourself
  • Name 11 bloggers to nominate for the Liebster Award that have under 200 followers
  • Give your nominees 11 questions to answer

Lets get started with these questions:

1)Open iTunes/Spotify/Pandora/etc. and hit next 5 times. What song is playing?

Crazy kids-Kesha…it’s funny because I haven’t actually listened to this song in a good year.

2)Also, what’s the first line of the chorus?

“Hello, wherever you are
Are you dancing on the dance floor or drinking by the bar?”

3)What color would you be and why?

I’d have to say Orange. It’s my favorite color and it’s a bright happy color.

4)If you could be trampled by a herd of puppies, kitties, or baby bunnies, which would you choose and why? Note: “All three!” “All of the above!” “Ew, none,” etc. are not acceptable answers. You must choose one.

PUPPIES!! Hands down puppies!! How is that a questions!?!?!? I’ve already decided I’m going to be a crazy dog lady when I grown up so bring on the herds of puppies!!!

5)Would you rather be a Kardashian or a Duggar? Choose wisely.

Neither. I’m not a fan of either. I despise the Kardashians and don’t understand why people worship them let alone like them. They are trash in my opinion. I respect the Duggars and the lifestyle they live. That is not a lifestyle for me though. I chose to be me and only me!

6)What’s something weird about you?

I don’t know. I’m pretty weird. Of course now I can’t think of any weird things about me. OH WAIT! I sing when I have to pee sometimes. I make up a little song about how I have to pee which is usually accompanied by a fast pacing. That’s weird right?

7)What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Extra cheese. I’m a plan jane and just love cheese. I think I have a slight lactose allergy (still….) because cheese makes my face warm, but I still love it.

8)The end all be all to this argument: Samsung Galaxy or iPhone?

TEAM IPHONE FOREVER! <—-Yes I am yelling that

9)What was the last dream you had/remember?

My dreams are weird and should probably be psychoanalyzed. The last dream I could remember I was on a boat with a bunch of people I know. The weird part was none of them were connected in real life. It was random friends from home, friends from school, and family members. I remember hijacking my friends boat to prove a point because they were being mean to me?? Then, I was making out with my friend randomly but it wasn’t my friend. It was like one person that was a weird mixture of a few people I know. I told you my dreams are weird. Most are nonsensical like that. There was another where Dave Franco was chasing me with a needle and then suddenly we were making out too… I think I may be slightly frustrated….. awkward.

10)If you could name yourself, what name would you pick? One rule: Can’t pick your current name.

Ummm I had this whole list of names I would re-name myself as a child and now I can’t remember. I’ve always liked somewhat odd names. I remember I like the name kaylee.

11)What’s your favorite season and why?


Because….. crisp air, leaves changing, leave falling, HALLOWEEN, BIRTHDAY, haunted hay rides, pumpkin picking, etc.

I guess this is the part where I name 11 facts about me:

  1. I’m too obsessed with my dog. It might be unhealthy. The day she departs this earth I will be a hot mess!
  2. I used to wear brightly colored shoelaces as hair bows in high school because I was “an emo kid” and thought it was cool.
  3. I was lactose intolerant for a short time. Thanks Crohns.
  4. I should be taking a shower right now instead of writing this.
  5. I like to mash my ice cream into an almost milkshake like paste before eating it.
  6. I’m picky about ice cream but I do love: Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Mint Chocolate Chip, and cookies and cream. Most others hurt my stomach.
  7. I’m pretty awkward in person.
  8. Sometimes I wish real life could be like the show Scrubs.
  9. On that note I also have an inner narrative like JD in scrubs. It’s pretty mean sometimes.
  10. I hate chick flicks. Stop giving girls unrealistic expectations about love. I’m talking to you too Disney.
  11. I didn’t want to be a princess when I was growing up. I did want to be the Pink Power Ranger though.

Now it is time to nominate blogs… I don’t know if I know 11 blogs to nominate:

  1. littlemisadventures
  2. milwaukeemngirl
  3. dreamsandsunsian
  4. thevodkasodaescapades  (again)
  5. 4theloveofsass
  6. caitlinmariereads

Finally, here are your questions:

  1. What do you want to be when you “grow up”. Imagine a world with no limits. A world where you can be and do anything.
  2. What’s your favorite color.
  3. What’s your favorite holiday.
  4. Do you have siblings? If so do you guys get along?
  5. Tell me something on your bucket list!
  6. What are your greatest fears?
  7. What is something weird that you do on a regular basis?
  8. Do you think you will ever get married?
  9. If you could snap your fingers and have one thing appear in front of you this very instant what would it be and why?
  10. What have you eaten today?
  11. What inspires you??

Until next time