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5 on Friday: to do?

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I’ve decided to link up and try this whole Five on Friday thing. This is more just a mixture of to do’s and um I don’t know?!? I guess this is my list is things I need to acomplish soon.

Meghans Five on Friday to-do’s:

  1. Go babysit! Clearly, I must be feeling better if I am babysitting. Thanks for asking. (Side bar: I am feel better I’d say maybe 95% better but I haven’t left bed yet.) I normally babysit the same little boy most fridays. He’s cute and is fascinated with asking me about bodily functions and saying to word penis. OHHH 4 year olds.
  2. Go to Victoria Secret. You see this is what happenes when I try to do nice things for myself. Prepare for maybe TMI? I decided to listen to the emortal words “TREAT YO SELF” (thanks Parks and Rec) and do something nice for myself. You know new things are just a nice pick me up. Victiora Secret was having this sale where you buy a bra and undies for $30 package deal. It’s a good deal trust me. I decided to treat myself and get these two super cute ( I could say sexy but that might get a little weird) bra’s and matching undies because that makes me feel confident. Side bar: I never did finish my post about that….maybe on day….  Silly me! I bought them in the wrong size. WHOOPS. Looks like that cute new bra I got for moral boosting as I eat pizza on the couch with my dog on the 14th cough cough will not be here in time. OHHH WHALE!
  3. Make sure I have plans for Super Bowl Sunday. Since I am starting to feel more back to normal I want to get out of this house! There have been rumors of super bowl parities but I don’t know of any concrete plans yet.
  4. Call people back about interviews. NUFF SAID!
  5. Check weather for next week for my trip one state up. It has been snowing a lot there and I heard rumors of snow next week. I need to maek sure my little hybrid can actually make it up there!

So there you have it. My do to list for today. There is actually more like clean my room and do laundry but those aren’t interesting. I need to catch up on more posts too but I need to run my errands first. I need to add wedding updates and maybe just maybe finish my underwear post. Maybe I’ll save that for a week or two.  I feel like I’m forgetting things.

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An open letter to my body

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Dear Body,

Please work with me today and not against me. I know your secret favorite past time is waging wars against my insides but can we pretty please behave. Today is important. Potentially very important. You just have to suck it up and be good for the next 3.5 hours. Can you do that?! It’s just one little meeting and an hour of driving each way. It’s going to be short. Don’t ruin my chances here. I know you’re still not well. You’re at maybe a 65-70%. I promise we can lay down for the rest of the day after. Just behave pretty please!!!!! I’m counting on you to do your part so I can do mine.



Positive Thinking

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I’m a little late with my weekly installment of positive thinking due to the uhhhh puking factor. Today I am more functioning or at least able to form coherent thoughts. I ended up sleeping most of yesterday and when I was awake I was in a delirious daze or vomiting. I haven’t puked in over 24 hours and now I just have an ongoing headache, fatigue and some slight nausea.  That’s a positive in itself.

Here is a list of positives for this week:

  1. I’m starting to feel better. I was told the first 12-24 hours of the “plague” was the worst and they are right. I’m still nowhere near 100% but I can go ten minutes without having to sprint to the bathroom.
  2. Ironically enough the lunch meeting dude emailed me back and asked to meet tomorrow morning. Of course it is when I’m recovering. I decided to go anyways because I’m hoping by tomorrow morning I’ll be at about 75%  and it’s a short meeting.
  3. I have set up my other interview for this time next week.
  4. I’m not puking anymore
  5. I was asked to write a guest post for one of my favorite bloggers 😉 I’ll be getting around to that ASAP!



PS: thanks for the well wishes !

:( I lost

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I lost guys. I officially have the flu. I started puking around 12:30am and I haven’t stopped. I even hit the double jack pot: puking while doing other unspeakable things. It’s safe to say I’m in a lot of pain and miserable. The flu is already starting to agitate certain parts of my GI track. I called the on call GI doctor around 6am and he turned out to be an ass. The first thing he asked was why am I not going to an adult GI doctor. Sorry sir but my actual doctor is nice and has stayed with me until I can settle down somewhere and find a new doctor. Ugh. I hate rude doctors.

If you need me I’ll be on the couch vomiting and trying to stay hydrated. I will not go to the hospital! I will be better for my interview in a week!


Caitlin is a saint

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Why is my soon to be sister-in-law a saint. She is a saint because she graciously offered her couch to me to crash on until the flu has stopped plaguing my house. I have been hiding out all alone on her couch since about 11am this morning. Her and my brother can come home from work/class now. I’m getting bored. Anyways, I’m glad I decided to come stay here for two reasons.

1) I have an official interview next Wednesday. I have to make a trip to the Northern Eastern Shore in MD. It’s somewhat of a hike so I can’t afford to be sick and weak.

2) It is “supposedly” going to snow tonight. Caitlin has already texted me saying we are sledding aka making sleds out of whatever we can find in the apartment if it does in fact snow. I have my doubts about snow. The storms always seem to just pass over this area and completely miss us. I wouldn’t mind a pretty dusting though and some impromptu sledding.

Look’s like I’m binge watching more bones until someone comes home!

Sunday adventuring

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The flu has been going through my household. We believe it has moved on from my step dad to my mom. I went to church with my mom this morning only to suddenly leave before communion because she suddenly got really pale, felt hot, and claimed she was going to faint. (ps: yes I’m catholic) In an effort to avoid the sickness that is currently plaguing my house I was determined to get out. I have basically just been sitting inside binge watching Netflix since I returned from vacation. Sitting inside like this for so long is not doing well for me. I have mentioned before that I suffer from ADHD. I had it before “it was cool”. All jokes aside ADHD is very serious. I was medicated at the young age of 5 and have been on almost every dosage and medication possible for it. Halfway through college I started taking the medicine only as needed (as instructed by my doctor). It was having adverse effects on my mental and physical health and I wanted to train myself to focus without it. As usual, I’m getting of topic again. Do you see trends and better understand my writing now. This post wasn’t meant to focus on ADHD.

ANYWAYS. The whole sitting idle for too long was bringing on some of the negative effects of my ADHD. One of the these effects would be anxiety and the other is my impulsiveness. As a child my impulsiveness consisted of me literally running laps screaming with my hands thrown above my head because I didn’t know what else to do. As an adult my impulsive natural has turned more into my interactions. I’m impulsive with my words. I think Mean Girls said it best when they called it “word vomit”. I’m great at impulsively “word vomiting”. Usually, it’s semi rude things too. I’ve caught myself getting anxious and well uh word vomiting all too freq2015/01/img_9427.jpguently. I have also found a desire to get out and explore so that is what I did today.

My dad and I decided to go on an adventure. We hopped in car and just started driving. We decided we would go to my dad’s favorite train tracks and watch trains while eating lunch. My dad loves trains and I was just happy to get outside. I like trips with my dad because he is all about taking back roads. On our back road journey we stumbled upon a cute little brewery. After an impulse decision and a quick U-turn ,my dad and I were sipping flights of beers in our newly found brewery.  It was a lovely start to the day and I got a nice little buzz. We then continued on our quest for lunch by the train tracks. We ate our lunch beside then train tracks and waited and waited. Sadly, no trains came by while we were there. After that we decided to go look at the house my dad and step mom want to buy. They are trying to move but are having trouble selling their house. The neighborhood my dad showed me was cute. The houses all had interesting dimensions to them that were very pleasing to the eye. After that, we decided to just aimlessly drive. We picked a road and just went. He told me that was what him and my step mom would do on Sundays in the fall. They would drive around aimlessly and figure out where different roads connected.

After today I have decided I definitely need to get out and adventure more. I crave adventure right now. I’m itching to explore a city but not my city. I want to explore DC, Annapolis, maybe even Baltimore. I want to hike and I want to sail. During one of the few talks YOU and I have had since August he made a comment that couldn’t be more perfect. When I asked him how things were going his response was, “I’m content but discontent at the same time”. I couldn’t agree more perfectly. That’s where I am in life right now. Content but discontent all at the same time. Life is good here. I can’t really complain. Yet, I want to be anywhere but here. I want to be doing anything but this. I’m not living up to my potential. I’m just coasting at the moment. Content but discontent.

I feel like this post has kind of lost direction from it’s original intent. The summary of this post is that I need to get out and get active again. Idle Meghan is not a good Meghan. I’ve never really been good at sitting still after all. I need to find some new adventures. I need to find a way to be content without the discontent. Do you feel me?




Obligatory Valentine’s Day post

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Here it is….my obligatory Valentine’s Day post. Honestly, I really don’t have much to say about it. I see it as more of a “Hallmark holiday”. I stand by the whole “you shouldn’t need one designated day a year to show and tell someone how much they mean to you”. That being said, I’m not opposed to someone willingly giving me chocolate and or flowers. I loveeeeeeee chocolate and I also forever have my secret wish that someone would send me flowers. Okay, well maybe it’s not much of a secret on here because I’ve posted about flowers before but I don’t actually say it out loud. Caitlin is my only friend that semi actively reads this blog so she is probably is the only one that knows about my want for flowers. I have a handful of other friends that know about this blog but they never actually read it. Anyways. It’s such a cliché gift, but I honestly never ever get flowers (unless they are from my mom for my birthday) so I love them. If you ever want to do something nice for me, just randomly give me flowers. There is your secret in with me. I like daisies and sunflowers. Roses are cool and all but I’m low maintenance. Oh and I also love balloons. If you give me balloons I will still parade around like a child (even at the age of 23). I’m getting off topic here.

I honestly probably wouldn’t even notice that it’s Valentine’s Day if social media didn’t tell me. Like I said, to me it’s just kind of another day. In 23 years I’ve only ever had 2 real Valentine’s. I don’t really count the awkward elementary school years where you hide cards in people’s cubbies. My first “real” valentine was in 6th grade. My boyfriend at the time hid a gift in my locker. It was cute and all in the moment. I’m pretty sure we promptly broke up like a week later because he decided he wanted to date some girl on his bus. Did I mention I have a great track record when it comes to dating….*face palm*
My second valentine was YOU our freshman year of college. We weren’t officially together yet but we still exchanged gifts. He would probably be embarrassed that I’m even talking about his gift but it was cute. He wrote me a song and recorded a video of himself singing it to me. I would never post the video or the song because that was something private between the two of us and like I said I know he was super embarrassed. Just know it was super sweet and it honestly was one of the best gifts I have ever received. I’ve always secretly wanted someone to write me a song. You could tell he had worked really hard on this song and that he was nervous. YOU was really good at giving gifts. They were all very thoughtful and from the heart. Thank you for that.

My best friend Amanda and I started a tradition back in high school. If there ever came a Valentines Day where we were both alone we would get each other gifts. My friend Carly and I have decided to carry on that tradition. Carly is one of my sorority sisters and hands down one of my best friends from school. We joke and say we are each others “stand in boyfriends” for now since we talk to each other all day-everyday. It’s just an ongoing conversation about nothing and everything really. It’s nice to have a friend like that. She just graduated college in December and we are now both in that awkward place between college and the real world. We are both going through that weird, confusing, frustrating and lonely time where you are trying to figure your shit out for lack of better words. In this time, we are each others support systems. We agreed to mail each other Valentines this year and she said she found something perfect for me aka I should probably start looking for her.

So that’s it. Here is my obligatory Valentines Day post. I probably won’t write anything else about it. I don’t have any exciting plans. I have a hot date with a 5 year old the day before aka I’m babysitting, but other than that I got NOTHING. Oh!! I want to give a quick shout out to my best friend Megan (yes we have the same name). She sent me flowers and a super sweet note for Valentines Day last year because she knew I was having a rough final semester. Extra bonus point since she sent them while in another country. Who needs a guy on Valentines Day when I have some of the greatest friends ever??!! Now please enjoy some inappropriate cards.

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Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.55.12 AM Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.55.25 AM Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.56.00 AM Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.56.16 AM

whoops I totally just noticed they are basically all Frozen theme. OH WHALEEEE