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Plot twist: update

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I’m keeping this short and sweet because I have places to be soon. I was offered a formal interview from the other company I talked to today. They want me to come up next week and spend the day with them. I said yes but there are a few problems with this though.

1) It’s in Maryland again (yay) but in a part of Maryland where I know nobody. It would be easier if I knew someone near by so I would have a place to hang out for. It hasn’t been officially been set up but I’m supposed to be there for a while in the afternoon. AKA I’ll be finishing up during peak DC rush hour aka 3-7pm. I’ll have to wander around the town for a bit. Luckily it’s right off of 495 or close (I think).

2) If they want me they would need to make an offer that day. I’m supposed to be moving and starting my other job in 12 days. I already feel guilty about potentially turning them down. Doing it at the last-minute would make it worse. I’m not one to normally change my mind like this and potentially let someone down at the last min but this other job would be full-time with benefits vs the seasonal job. I also still haven’t signed any papers for the job.

Those are the problems I’m having. I’m still going to go and see what the company is like. Maybe they will be willing to work with me or maybe I’ll find out it’s not a good fit. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Side note: the SERIES FINALE of one of my favorite shows (Parks and Rec) is airing tonight. My friend Reza is supposed to be in it and I’m going to but super sad this show is ending because I’ve become to emotionally attached to the characters. WOMP! That is all



Plot twist

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Oh readers. My life has taken a plot twist of sorts. Today I have gotten two calls from different companies about interviews. The question is do I go through with them?? One of the two has great potential. I haven’t officially signed any papers yet for the job I was offered. I feel like a traitor though. AH! I’m talking to a lady from the one company tomorrow. For all I know the job might turn out to be a bust. I don’t know. I have mixed feelings about all of this. My mom and Carly say I should be excited that suddenly companies want me. I just don’t want to disappoint anyone or make the wrong choice. I am getting ahead of my self here. We are simply just talking about my resume tomorrow. That doesn’t mean anything yet.


A trip down memory lane

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My moving count down is down to 13 days. With that being said, I started trying to organize and clean out my things. I went through my clothes from college and made a large pile of “give aways”. I also started to clean out my closet in my room. That thing hasn’t been touched since before I left for college. My mom has been asking me to clean it out since ummm….well the last 4 years. Boy oh boy were there some gems in there from my childhood. I forgot how much I hoarded stuffed animals. There were a bunch in my closet and I know two more bags of them in the attic. I don’t have the heart to throw them out. How does one get rid of their childhood stuff animals?!?! Some of them have been with me since I was a baby. I also found my old baby blanket. Can you guess what I named it?! Can you?? CAN YOU?? I was super creative as a toddler and named it “Blankie”. What a cool child I was. I still have a long way to go with cleaning out my room. I am also panicking trying to figure out what I need to bring and how I can fit in my tiny little hybrid.

It’s weird cleaning out my room and throwing stuff away. I need to organize things for when I finally find my own permant place to live.  If only I could pay someone to pack my room and clean it for me.

Loss of words

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Oh readers. I have wanted to write a post but I’ve just been at a loss of what to write about. I feel like I should be writing more while I still have the chance. My blog traffic has hit a low this month. Stats were up and my blog was  popular for the last few months. Now, not so much. Oh well. I write on this for me more than anything.

I guess for this post I will talk about how I feel currently.

I am nervous, excited, scared, anxious and many more things. I am eager to move and excited to start a new job in a new state. I am also terrified.


I think about it as a comparison to move in day freshman year of college. The one difference is that I am moving alone. I don’t have my mommy and daddy dropping me off and hugging me goodbye. I’m moving to a brand new place where I don’t know anyone. I am living with complete strangers. I am starting a new routine. It’s overwhelming, scary and exciting all at the same time.

I still don’t know exactly where I am living yet. My place of work actually provides a place for you to live. I guess I should give a little background on my job. I will be working as a Naturalist/teacher at a school. It is not a typical school. It is almost like a year  round camp but a step up from a camp. School’s from various states on the east coast bring their students to us. We focus on teaching kids about the environment and the history of the land. I using my degree and teaching kids about the bay/marsh systems in the area. It’s a large property and they like their staff to be close so they have various housing options. I actually want the house that’s 5 miles off the campus. It’s bigger and looked more homey. I haven’t gotten to pick where I live yet though.

That’s basically where I am right now. I need to start packing but that involves me cleaning my room, doing laundry, finding everything I need, and actually knowing what I should bring with me. Since I won’t be living there permanently I don’t want to bring EVERYTHING I have with me right now.








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Ugh! Here is a blurb about how much I love the show hart of Dixie. I love this show too much. I really shouldn’t watch this show while intoxicated. I feel like I talk about drinking too much on this blog. I swear to you all I actually really don’t drink much at all. I just for some reason feel the need to talk about it when I do. Anyways Hart of Dixie has me feeling all the feels. Actually I’ve been feeling all the feels a lot lately over the last few months. Actually, I think I’m broken. I used to be a robot. Now, I feel feelings. I don’t like it. I can already assure you I’m going to bawl at caitlin and my brothers wedding. What is wrong with me ?!? My nickname was the tin man for so long because I had no heart. Why have I grown one suddenly?!

No. Just no


Meghan is moving!

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That’s right Meghan is moving. Well, my blog Hey Meghan isn’t going anywhere but I am. After months of waiting, I am FINALLY moving. Do you remember that road trip I took for an interview about two weeks ago?? Well, I got offered that job. For now I’m not really sure if my move will be permanent.  I will first start off working for 3 months for a trail period and then go from there. I’m hoping my move will be permanent though. The specific area will probably not be permanent but I’m hoping the state will be. I am nervous and excited all at the same time for this move. In a few days I will be doing what I do best: packing up my belonging and moving (again). I am excited to see what this new chapter in my life has in store for me. It could be a short chapter but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it’s a long one. Due to this move and the new job there is a good chance I won’t be able to blog as much. No fear! I will still be here (and I’m still working on that guest post Kendel). I just might not be here as often come March. I hope you all will continue to join me on some new adventures and thanks for sharing the adventures thus far with me<3