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Weekend Adventures: The drunk guy on the metro

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Oh my oh my. My life is awkward. I tend to hit the jackpot when it comes to awkward situations. Let’s dive in!

After two months of promising to visit, my people (aka the group of friends I spent wayyyy too much time with back in VA) finally paid me a visit. My brother, Caitlin, Jessie and Jake all came up for the weekend! YAY! Friends! We decided to go explore DC. It’s really quite sad. I have lived less than two hours away from Washington DC for most of my life yet I rarely went there growing up. Now that I live a 20 minutes metro ride away, I plan to go often. We got to DC and decided to do all the super touristy things for the day and come back later that night to hit the bars. We went around to all the monuments, memorials, White House, etc. Most importantly, we found a killer GRILLED CHEESE speciality restaurant. JACKPOT. Once our stomachs were full, we decided to head back to my apartment for a power nap before our night out. This is where we met the Drunk Guy on the Metro.
 There were five of us and two people to a seat. I was the odd man out so I streatched out across my little row of seats and got comfy chatting with Jake and Jessie. A few stops into our ride this guy about our age walks over and sits down in the row of seats in front of me and announces “Hi! So my friends dared me to go over and talk to a pretty girl. Hi I’m D!”

My thoughts were “okay..I’ve so heard this one before but hey feel free to tell me I’m pretty all day. I’ll never complain about that!” He seem harmless so I humored him and went along with it. I’ve met guys in weirder ways. I mean he was kind of cute but not really my type.  He then announces, “I’m actually just drunk and wanted to talk to a pretty girl. My friends didn’t dare me too. You’re pretty let me take you out on a date”. He then reintroduced himself. I’m not sure if it was meant to be funny or if he was really that drunk. I tried to brush of the date offer by telling him that my brother was sitting right there. I had hoped maybe that would scare him off. NOPE! He just said hi and asked my brother if I could go on a date with him.

Brother: Ask her. She’s and adult.

Thanks Chris. The one time I actually want you to scare off a guy and you wont. Jake also began to egg him on because it was so amusing to him. Drunk guy insisted on giving me his number so I could call him about our said date. I took down his number and gave him my phone just so he could spell his name right. ROOKIE MOVE MEGHAN. BAD.  He had my phone for wayy too long. I realized he was trying to text himself from my phone to guarantee he got my number. NO! I snatched my phone away right before he could hit send. I jumped off the metro quickly and said I would text him. I shoved my phone in my person thinking it was over and how lucky I was he hadn’t hit send.

Story over right?! NOPE!

Turns out this guy lives in the next town right above where I live. He also ended up getting off the first train, realized he was waiting at the same metro stop as us, and repeatedly circled around us awkwardly until he got someone to make eye contact. He walked over once and reminded me of “our date”. Left. Came back a few minutes later and dropped the pick-up-line and insisted I tell him a good day for a date and what type of food I liked. I had absolutely no intentions of going on this date. I’m not mean enough to just stright up say no go away. (Not like he would have accepted that answer anyways). I just picked a random day and the first food that popped into my mind. That appeased him and he left again. Once we got on the second metro I felt my phone buzzing in my bag. I pull it out and whose name pops up. Why drunk boy of course! WTF?! How did he get my number. It turns out when I put my phone in my purse I didn’t click out of the message and it sent in my bag. REALLY NOW! REALLY! NOOB MOVE AGAIN Meghan. (Side note: he has now called twice in the last 24 hours and texted once. I have not answered). We get off our train and my friends are enjoying my awkward encounter all too much. I’m relieved he’s gone. That just went from amusing to awkward and annoying.

A big crowd had gotten off the train and we got separated. Jessie and I were the first ones out of the metro station and we were waiting for the rest of the group. Cait shows up next but Jake and Chris were way behind.  Who do I see coming through the gate behind them?! None other than drunk boy. REALLY?!? We had to take a bus from that metro stop to the stop we parked at because the rest of the line was down  maintenance. We get on the bus hoping he wasn’t getting on. Let’s be real now…..We all know where this is going now. He got on. Of course there were only a few seats left and they were all right around us. I dove into a “super engaging” conversation with Caitlin and Jessie about what shoes we needed for the wedding so I could avoid any more date discussions.

We get off the bus and I grab Jessie’s arm and start power walking to the car. That was too much awkward for one day. Jess laughs at me and says, “Don’t worry! It’s big parking lot. He’s gone now.” I told her with my luck he would be parked right next to us. GUESS WHAT?! He wasn’t parked right next to us. He was two cars down from us. REALLY? JUST REALLY?!? He ended up riding behind us on the highway for half the drive too. He probably should not have been driving. At this point my brother was super annoyed with him. The best quote of the day was “Chris don’t call a guy in for a DUI just because he hit on your sister”.

TaDa! My life is awkward. This guy is persistent too. Like I said, he still keeps calling. I’m not good at this stuff. Some one just give me a dog and a boat so I don’t have to deal with the dating world. Thanks.





Pick up lines 

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This was we used on me by the persistent drunk stranger on the metro. There is actually a full awkward/hilarious story to the drunk stranger. I’ll make a post about it. I swear. I’m too tired right now. Just enjoy the pick up line. I laughed. 

Drunk stranger: So do you like figs?

Me: umm I don’t know. I don’t I’ve ever really had any ? Why?

Drunk stranger: how about a date? *creepy wink*
Bah dun dun

An open letter to YOU

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This is something I have been meaning to write for a good while. I just haven’t really been able to formulate the words. In this moment I’m suddenly blanking on what I wanted to say. I had this written out mentally earlier and now nothing. I guess I’ll just wing it:

Dear YOU,

I will first start this off by answering some questions I’m sure you may have or were wondering

YES, I know you did read this blog from time to time. NO I don’t know if you still do. Please know that you are always welcomed to read this blog. I made it visible to you and a select group of other friends to view because I don’t care if you read this or not. You must know I strive to write very openly and honestly on this blog. I’m sure you have noticed that from previous posts.

YES, I still do miss you from time to time. You were a big part of my life for nearly four years. You were one of my closest friends and confidant . There are still occasions where I hear a song, joke, etc and want to tell you about it.

YES, you do cross my mind from time to time. I guess that was a given based on the last one ^.

NO, I don’t “fantasize” about you anymore. Sorry.

YES, I did delete your number. I wouldn’t be surprised if you deleted mine too. I still know your number though.

NO, I have not creeped/ been on your facebook since the day I saw the post about the new girlfriend. I actually deleted you back in August after that one weekend.

NO, I also have not creeped on your new girlfriend. If we are being honest here, I don’t care enough about her or who she is to creep. I don’t even know her name.

YES,  I do still talk to your mom. She calls me from time to time to check in.  Don’t worry we never discuss you.

NO, I’m not mad at you. I don’t hate you. I don’t have any hard feelings. I don’t quite understand but I don’t really want an explanation either. I did mean it when I say I wish you the best and happiness. You just couldn’t wait till I got home I guess (haha A Day to Remember reference). But, that is this truth. I don’t blame you. Why wait. The future was showing no certainty. There will always be a part of me that wished you waited but the other half of me thinks it was for the better you didn’t.

I had more to say but I have honestly forgot. Just know I’m actually doing really well. I absolutely love my new job and my new home. I’m slowly but surely making new friends and figuring out my way around the DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore areas. I’ve even ventured into Bowie a few times. I won’t lie, it was weird.

I’ve finally learned to relax and enjoy life. I’m not a pent-up ball of anxiety anymore. I know I was a pain in the past and not always the easiest because of this. Hey, you weren’t always the easiest either. I’m finally being independent and learning to live life on my own. I support myself and pay my bills (with the exception of two). I’m actually being a responsible adult and taking my health seriously. I’m taking my medicine on a regular basis again. Actually, that reminds me I need a refill. I’m going in for regular check ups and not chickening out of my blood work.

I guess I want to end this by saying thank you. Thank you for being a part of my life through some of the weirdest, hardest, craziest and best times of my life. Thank you for helping me learn more about myself and who I want to be. Thank you for showing me that I am capable of loving another individual. Thanks for being my best friend.

I don’t really know if our paths will cross again one day or if you will read this. Currently, I have this odd little feeling they won’t/ you won’t. We will see. Just know you will be in my thoughts and prayers.


The decison has been made!

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I feel it has been a unanimous YES from all forms of social media about the hair.People also recommended purple, blue, and teal. I’m not sure if that will fly at work. There are two different people with 1)bright purple hair 2) Darker purple toned hair. For now I’ll just stick to red.

I will be bringing back the blonde and red two toned hair at some point this summer. My hair was actually bleached super bright blonde in the previous photo. I don’t plan on doing that again. It’s too expensive and takes too much upkeep. We will be going with my natural dirty blonde hair with the red whenever I can afford to do it again.

Note: I didn’t actually style my hair in the previous photo or the ones below. My best friend was actually using my as a test dummy for prom hair-do’s for my little sister.


Let’s take a poll

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Is this an acceptable hair coloring ? (Ps be nice to 2012 Meghan)


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I totally forgot to mention in my last post…..


Weekend Adventures: Laurel, Bowie, Mt.Airy, and Washington DC

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I know I know! I haven’t posted a legitimate post in a while. I’m been busy and when I’m not busy I’ve been exhausted. I’m been getting up at 5:30am some mornings to run.

This weekend was a long weekend because of Memorial Day. First and foremost.

Thank you to those who gave their lives for our country.

Now on to the weekend. A summary of the weekend is this: sleeping too little and drinking too much. I feel like I must say this. Don’t judge me. I feel like a lot of my posts have been drinking related or referenced drinking a lot lately. Don’t worry. I’m not an alcoholic. I don’t need AA. I’m just a 23 year old who’s finally learning to enjoy life. I was never a big partaker in parties in college. I was too busy and never had the funds to party hard every weekend. I now have a full-time salaried job and no tests to study for. I’m still living the semi broke college budget but with slightly higher funds and more free time. This being said, I am making a point to enjoy my life. Don’t worry I’m not being reckless. I’m just enjoying it while my body allows it.


Friday I went to happy hour. It was a coworkers last full week with the company so we went out to celebrate him. I’ve been on a tighter budget this last week because of some over spending a few weekends ago. I made a promise to myself I would have one drink and I would make it a beer so I would drink it slowly. I also had a 45 minute drive home so I really could only have a drink. I ended up ordering this dark beer called “Sweet Baby Jesus”. It was amazing. It is a heavier beer, like Guinness, but it tasted like a reeses cup! It had hints of chocolate and peanut butter. It wasn’t obnoxiously sweet either! It was a winner.


 Saturday I hung low. I desperately needed groceries so I made a stop at the store in the morning. PSA to the men of the world: Trader Joes had cute bouquets of flowers for under $5. Cheap way to make a girl smile. PSA over. After my grocery shopping was done I took myself to the apartment complex pool. It just open this weekend 🙂 . I was there for an hour or so when I got a snapchat from my friend Ashley saying she was bored. She lives about 30 mins away so I invited her over to hang out. About two hours her and her friend AJ showed up at my doorstep with case of beer. You can’t bring glass bottles to the pool so we played the chug of couple of beers game before going to the pool. We were there for maybe 30 mins before AJ announced he was bored and that we should go back and drink. The sun wasn’t as bright and it was already getting cooler so we agreed to go back. Shortly after getting back to my apartment, Ashley decided she wanted pizza. It wasn’t any old pizza she wanted. It was pizza from a place called Grottos. We discovered there was one about 15 miles or so away so we went on an adventure. It turns out it was in a shopping center (Waugh Chapel) that I knew all too well. If you look far enough back in my facebook, you can find photos of me skateboarding in the parking lot it shares with Applebees. I must say the pizza was fabulous! I want more. We brought the pizza home, played drinking games, and watched weird documentaries on Netflix till about 1am. In that night we had 28 beers total and drank 18 of them. I think I had 6-7. That’s wayyyy more than I have ever had. If you know me I’m actually not a big beer person. I guess things change.


Soooo here is a picture of beer at a wine festival….. I have other pictures but it has my coworkers in it and I don’t know if they would like me sharing photos of them.

Sunday I went to a Caribbean Wine Festival with my coworker and her sister. It was a lot of fun but not what I expected. It was super super crowded. I was also….. well…a minorty in the crowd. It was fun though. The wine was just the brand the vineyard that was hosting the event made. I got to enjoy some nice wine and sample some Caribbean food! Most of it was too spicy for me but I did learn calypso chicken is really good. We ended up staying a lot later than I expected so I basically crawled into bed when I got home.


Monday I ventured into DC and went to brunch with my cousins. I am actually really proud of myself. I really haven’t ever ridden a metro or subway in my life. I think I took a train to Chicago with my cousins and aunt once but I was just a kid. I am proud th because I successfully rode the metro alone. I know. That sounds really lame and not like much of an achievement but it was a small victory for me. In the past I was scared and hesitant to do things like that alone. I always wanted someone to come with me. I found my way to the metro and found my way to the proper stop without looking like a lost newbie. My cousins were nice and picked a place on the Greenline (which is the closest metro to me) so I didn’t have to make any transfers.  We went to this awesome place called Coupe. I think they did brunch all day. All I know is that I had some incredible hash browns. I got a hash brown bowl with a scrambled egg on top. YUMMMM. I want more.  Once I made it home I plopped myself on the couch and stayed there. I was exhausted and super full.

And that’s what I’ve been up to! More posts coming this week!



ps: my feet are alseep. HELP.