Month: October 2015

Who has a problem 

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I have a problem. I left the house to pick up some meds and get gas. I didn’t get gas but I added two more pumpkins to my collection from the cute stand down the road


All the words I wanted to say

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As I was sitting in my car waiting at the DMV , I stumbled across this article. I think it is worth a read. It is called “To the Guy Who I Thought I Would Grow Old With”. Normally, I find these article super cheesy and dumb but this author managed to capture all the words I tried to find when writing my post “an open letter to you “.

Give it a read???


The Surprise Package

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My package finally came!! Thank you to peoniesnmint for the package! I won her giveaway a while back for those who didn’t know. Go check her out!

The surpise package came with:

  1. EOS chapstick
  2. A journal
  3. A cute bracelet
  4. A bottle of YUMMY wine!!!! I may or may not have opened it instantly.

Thank you so much!!! The package couldn’t have come at a better time.

The IV infusions 

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I just got the call from the doctor. I was approved for the IV infusions and need to start as soon as possible. My first infusion will be 03Nov15 at 12:45pm. The nurse told me it takes around 3 hours. 

I had accepted this all for the most part but getting that call and confirming that appointment brought back all the scared and sad feelings. I had to go take a walk outside and sit in my car because I was fighting back tears and didn’t want my coworkers to see. That’s where I am now. I’ve informed those few people that know what’s going on. I need to go tell my bosses but I need to compose myself first. I don’t want to cry in front of either of them. They would understand. I just find it extremely embrassing to cry in the presence of others. 

Luckily, a blog friend that I found through Twitter also does these infusions. She was kind and let me ask her a million questions on Tuesday when I found out she was on the same treatment. It’s at least nice to hear someone’s input on it. She prepped me for what to expect and how I’ll most likely feel after. 

Send some good thoughts guys. I could really use them right now. The world isn’t ending. This isn’t the worst possible thing that could happen. It’s just really scary. I’m also doing it alone. I forgot to mention I made that decision. Hence the quote a few days ago. I’llexplain  more later why I decided to do this alone. For now, I have to get back to work. 


Choices made

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“The choice must be yours, because when you step out to face that creature, you will step out alone.”

Evil genius. 

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As we all know, I’ve been feeling like crap lately. I still do mange to have some fun while feeling like poo. 

Lately, I’ve been playing a prank on my closest work friend.  I’ve been subtly moving things around her desk to see if she notices. She has and I’ve now convinced her she’s losing it. Am I a terrible person or evil genius ?!?

Don’t worry. I’ll tell her after Halloween that her desk isn’t haunted and that she’s not crazy. 

So much 

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I have so much I want to say. I’m so frustrated with all of this. My weight is dropping. My body is changing in unfavorable ways. I don’t even have the strength to work or right now. Sooooo frustrated. Ahh wodhwjdiwiwofiekqkfiejwjfjwjwnwjdj

There we go. Frustration.

Deep breath. Deep breath.