Month: November 2015

Chicago travels 

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Well I’m stuck in OHare for another hour waiting for my flight. Hi bloggers. I’m still here. I’m absolutely exhausted and my constant travels won’t be ending for  another month. I’ve been meaning to write posts. I swear I have. I hopefully will get around to doing a whole life update post. Like I said. I’ve been busy. Life has been happening. For now I’m contemplating between power napping in the airport (actually that plan just got ruined since some guy threw his bags in the chair next to me) or wandering the terminal and paying an arm and a leg for dinner. 

I’ll be back soon. I promise. 


Couch Days

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1)WOAHHH wordpress changed on me in the whole week I haven’t written. Weird….

2) Couch days are great.

I got smart and took the day off today. I learned the hard way, after my first infusion, that the 24-48 hours that followed my infusions are rough. I’m in a slow zombie like state. I literally feel like I’m moving in slow motion. SERIOUSLY.

I had planned to just work from 12-4:30 after my infusion yesterday, but I only made it till about 2:30pm. That is when the comatose like state kicked in. I proceeded to sleep from 5pm last night to 7:30am this morning. Told you these things kick my ass.

Eh I was going to write more but….tired…….sooooooo bye!





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Two pricks later. Three more hours. 


Meghan hates the holiday season

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I sound like a broken record. I’ve written posts like this before. I am not a fan of Thanksgiving/Christmas time. Why am I not a fan of the holiday season?!?!

Divorced parents!!!

Every year it’s always a fight and them guilt tripping me into spending more time with one over the other. UGH UGH UGH!

I got a call from my mom earlier to say hi. Then, she brought up the dreaded topic of the holidays. I’m not coming home until Christmas Day this year because I have to work till 5 on Christmas Eve. I promised my mom that I would be there at 7am when she woke up Christmas Day. It’s a normal custom to spilt up Christmas day evenly. I spend the night one place Christmas Eve and leave for the next house at noon Christmas Day. This year I’m not spending the night anywhere. I’m still doing the noon thing. My mom wasn’t happy about this though because she wanted to make this big Christmas lunch and wanted me to stay later. It’s not fair to my dad to stay later at my moms though. Espeically since we are going with her to North Carolina the day after Christmas.

I appreciate the fact that they both really want my time but I hate the fact that they guilt trip me and make me feel like shit for having to choose. If I had it my way I would just spend Christmas alone or with friends.


I’m still here 

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Whoops. I’m back to the whole “I suck at writing” thing. Life has just been happening. I’ll be back to writing soon. Until then, enjoy this picture of my Halloween costume.   

Day 2: side effects 

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Yesterday I felt fine after my first infusion. All that happened was I fell asleep before 9. That hasn’t been an uncommon thing lately. 

This morning I woke up feeling the side effects full force. I’m super fatigued and really contemplated calling off. I decided to not waste a sick day because I had a slower day today anyways. Fatigue is a sideeffect and I was warned would happen. The easiest way to explain how my tired feels is with one word: mono. That’s the kind of tired I feel. It’s not mono though. It’s just my body adjusting to the infusion. I’ve been getting little headaches on and off all day too. Yet another side effect. My next infusion is on a Thursday so I think I might call off that Friday and just give myself a long weekend to recoupe. The nurse told me that the first three are the hardest on your body. It’s the “trial period”. 


Day 1

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Three hours to go