Month: December 2015

Infusions and dating

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Oh hey readers. It’s been a while hasn’t it!? My travels have finally ended. After roughly 4 months of traveling / running around like a crazy person I am DONE! I finally have down time for a couple weeks and I couldn’t be happier. All this work and traveling has worn me out. I hope to get back to blogging more regularly now. I thought I would start the blogs off with things people are probably the most interested in: infusions and my dating life.

Infusion: I had my third and final infusion in the trail period. I have to have some tests run in January to make sure the infusion are having an acceptable enough impact. As long as the results are showing what the doctors want, I will be starting the regular infusion schedule of 6 a year.

I have slowly started seeing some subtle changes for the better. I won’t go into explicit details  but I am convinced that they are doing what they need to. I am slowly start to feel more like a normal person. I don’t have to be as worried about what I eat and stomach aches are going away slowly. I appreciate all the kind words and good thoughts that you all have been sending. It has been a crazy time in my life and the support means the world to me. Thank you!  

Dating: Well I guess I owe you guys some updates on this front. A little background. As I mentioned before, I have been seeing a guy for a little while now. We went out on our first date a few days after my birthday. We had hung out twice in November but then life got hectic. We stayed in touch and started hanging out again in December. Last time I posted I said I guess we were dating. The dating was confirmed and as of last night I guess he’s now kind of sort of my boyfriend.

He’s a great guy who would give me the world if he can. He made a point to go into work extra early last week so he could get off of work when I did and hang out with me when I was feeling like crap from the infusions. I’m curious to see where this all goes for sure. It’s all a little strange for me. This is the first guy I have been in a relationship with since the whole YOU thing. He know that and knows about it all. He is understanding and willing to work with my emotional distance issues and all.


That’s it for now friends. More infusion and boyfriend updates soon??



ps: boyfriend is weird to say.




The wedding 

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It was a wonderful weekend. I don’t think it could have gone any better. Caitlin is now my sister yay!


Oh hey guys 

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Oh they there everyone. I’ve been horrible with WordPress lately. I haven’t been writing and I haven’t been keeping up with anyone else’s blogs. I miss you guys! Life have been super hectic for me lately. Work has gotten busy and I’ve been pulling 10-12 hour days instead of my normal 8 hours. Life has also gotten busy between the holidays and my brother wedding next weekend. As I have mentioned before, I have been traveling most weekends since mid August. My travels end after Christmas. I will be happy for some down time. 

I thought I would give my brief snap shot of my life( I’m also blogging on my phone and it’s about to die)

Work: super duper busy. I’m  getting burnt out. On Wednesday I worked from 6:20am to 7pm. On my drive home yesterday my eye started twitching uncontrollably. I’m a little sleep deprived. 

Health: my health seems to be improving (I think). Since starting the infusions I have been able to eat more with less problems. The only downfall is that they make me incredibly tired. The doctor claims that should get better eventually. My body is still adjusting to it and I am still technically in the trial period. My next one is on the 21st

Wedding: CAITLIN MARRIES MY BROTHER IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!! I’m so excited! I took thursdayband Friday off to come home and help her. We are also going to see Star Wars Thursday as a pre wedding thing. 

Love life: one thing I have not mentioned is the fact that I have been seeing someone. It is still in the newish stages so I didn’t want to say much about it. We have been hanging out since right after my birthday. He got super busy with work for a while and then the holidays came so we didn’t get to see each other for a few weeks. We are now back to seeing each other. The words “we are dating” have never been directly said but I think is assumed. He holds my hand, always insists on paying, kisses me goodnight, and always makes a point to say what a great time he had. That’s dating right? I’m not good at this adult dating thing. lol. 
That’s all for now my friends. I’ll be back after the wedding….or Christmas. Who knows! 



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Memory triggers 

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It had been a long day at work. I ended up working an 11 hour day instead of my normal 8. I came home tense and wanted to unwind so I decided to do some yoga. 

I was at the end of the online class (one I’ve watched at least 20 times) and I heard it. It was during the meditation part. I was laying there with my eyes closed trying to clear my mind when I heard that song. BOOM. MEMORY TRIGGER. I was suddenly transported back to that room cuddled up in that bed with Dallas Green playing softly in the background. I let my self remember until the instructor said it was time to sit up. Oh that memory. It was such a happy peaceful one. I remember laying in that bed cuddled up all safe and warm. I remember taking it all in as the boy I didn’t understand that I loved yet was quietly snoring next to me. It’s so weird to think that was 5 years ago. 

Oh memories oh memories. I hope I can find that peace and comfort I felt that night again one day.  

Until then. Namaste.