Month: January 2016

A blizzard named Jonas 

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Well I made it through my first blizzard and it was cool (literally and figuratively)!! I’m not quiet sure of how much snow we got but it’s somewhere between a foot or two. I know they were saying DC/Baltimore were supposed to get the worst of the storm and oh I  think we did. 

I’m currently snowed in with my boyfriend, his two roommates and roommates girlfriend.  We haven’t really ventured out into the snow that much since we were in whiteout conditions yesterday. We did venture out long enough to get dinner and drinks at the bar next door. 

I’ll write more about snow day adventures whenever I can make it back to my apartment. Enjoy the pictures for now. 




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Honesty hour: I’m 110% sure that I truly am destined for a life with just a dog and a boat. I’m too anxious and wound tight for relationships. My last one fucked me up all kinds of bad. If we are being honest I don’t think I will ever find love in my life or deserve it. It’s weird and fucked up I know. It’s probably karma for all the years as a child I said love doesn’t exsit. I know it does but I’m truly convinced it is not in the cards for me. Which is fine. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I would be perfectly happy with a dog and a boat sailing the world for the rest of time. I’d also be happy with a family. It could really go either way. 

Why am I going on this rant you ask? I’m just being an anxious little shit who doesn’t know who to function in a relationship. My relationship is actually perfectly fine. Don’t worry. I’m just being a crazy person. This is one of the nights where it is best to remember the picture I posted last night and just go to bed. I won’t let that little monster in my head win. 

Words to live by 

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Over analyzing 

Obsessing over the little things 

All flaws of mine 

These are words to remember   

Half marathon blurbs

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Okay  so I kind of failed at training last week. All I did was yoga to cross train. I mean baby steps right??? This week I started off strong with an easy-ish 30 minute run. It was supposed to be an interval run were you alternated 2mins walking and 4mins running. I decided to ignore that and see how far I could go for 30 mins. I ended up at 2.6miles and only walked the last minute. I’m pretty proud of myself since this is my first real run in a long time (not counting soccer). They are calling for a bad snow storm this week so let’s hope I can stay committed to my running and not build a blanket fort on my couch.



Half Marathon Training

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Today marks day one of half marathon training. I have wanted to run a half marathon and a marathon for a long time. It has been on my bucket list per say. I thought this might not be the time to dive in head first so I picked to start with a half marathon. I mean that’s logical right?! I hope to be ready to run one in October. I know October is a long time away and more than enough time but I’m pacing myself (and factoring in the regular winter sinus infections/flus).

Many of you know that I have been struggling with health for a while now due to Crohns Disease. I’m finally starting to get back into a better place and I hope to be back in remission soon. Being able to train and get back into good enough shape run this half marathon will be a massive achievement for me. Heck! I could only run a 5K when I was actually healthy. So it would actually be an amazing achievement. I was always so active and athletic growing up. I was in good shape during high school but never good enough to push my body to these sorts of limits. I hope to be able to push myself in a healthy but beneficial way 🙂


My goals for 2016 are:

  1. to get back in remission and stay there
  2. run a half marathon
  3. figure out what I want to get my masters in and start that process


Thank you all for all the love and support you all have provided me along the way. I wish you all the best in 2016 and can’t want to see where life takes everyone.


ps: Boyfriend is still in the picture and things are going well with him. Maybe I’ll write more about that soon 😉