Month: February 2016

Bridget days 

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My dog is here! She got here on Saturday and will be here till Sunday.  This week has epically sucked but at least I have her to come home to. The last picture is her currently. My bed is now hers. 



Much needed life updates

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Wow oh wow. There is so much I could talk about since I have sucked at posting. For now I’m just going to do blurbs of things and expand on them later.

Work: Work is still good. My 1 year with this company will be on April first. I like my job a lot but I have also realized it’s not what I want to do forever. I miss my fish and boats dearly and still want to find a way to connect the two. One plus of this job is that I have met a lot of amazing people and good friends along the way.

Friends: Let’s expand on that pervious sentence. Between work, soccer, and sorority alumni groups and I been able to meet and make a solid group of friends. They have been some of the best and supportive people through my transition into living here and with all the health stuff.

Health: I am happy to report that my health is doing better. I still have a few minor issues every now and then but it is nowhere near where I was feeling last fall. The infusions are doing what they need to! The last set of blood work I had to do came back with really good results. My inflammation markers were actually in the negatives (which is great). Side note: I’ve been in a very annoying and frustrating battle with the billing office and insurance for all of this. Somewhere along the line someone royally messed up and charged things wrong. This results in them first saying something about a deductable wasn’t met and I owed $900 then they took it back and said I owed $3000!!! NO! It’s in the process of being taken care of but I will probably still owe something ……

Half Marathon: My training with this was going pretty well. My training has been lacking in the last two weeks due to bad weather, fatigue and a bad head cold. I still have full intentions of running it in September. I also still have plenty of time to train. So far I have gotten back into running 5Ks in about 27 minutes. That’s a good start for me. Once it gets a little nicer out I’m going to start training with a friend. We decided to go run the national mall on weekends once it gets warmer. Who doesn’t want to look at all the monuments in DC while you run 13 some miles? We are also doing a mud run together in May!

Dating: Okay this one is a little weird. So we technically broke up. There was a lot going on and life got a little overwhelming for him. We had a talk and he told me he just couldn’t do a relationship right now. It was just all too much. He was very surprised with my reaction. I told him that it was okay, that I could sense he had some reservations from the beginning, and that I was happy he said something sooner than later. We both realized that maybe we jumped into this too fast. For now we are taking a step back and are not in a relationship per say. I’m honestly not sure where we stand at the moment but I don’t really care. I went home for Valentines Day weekend and didn’t ignore his texts but I also didn’t answer them quickly. I just gave him some space. Whatever I did seemed to work though. He has been extra nice. Not that he wasn’t super nice to begin with. He has just been more responsive and doing extra nice little things. I don’t know what will happen with us or where this will end up but I’m happy for now and just going with the flow. If you know me that is a big step for me.

Life: I am very proud of myself. I feel like I have grown and changed a lot in the last year since moving here. I am happy with the friends I have made, the life I have made, the choices I have made, and the direction I am going. Here is to hoping this year is just as good!


Hello all!

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Hi guys. I meant to give another update. I really did. I just had another infusion so I’m currently really tired. I hopefully will have time to sit down and type up everything that has been going on. I’m not giving up on this blog don’t worry! 

I want to vomit 

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I got a text from boyfriend last night asking if we could meet up today or tomorrow to talk about somethings and that he wants to talk in person. 

Naturally, my first reaction is “shit that’s the kiss of death”. I have no clue what this is about or where it is coming from. I asked if everything was okay and his response was “not really”. 

Last I saw him things were perfectly fine. We haven’t had any fights and were perfectly normal when we last saw each other on Sunday. If this really is a break up convo I’m going to be totally blindsided. It is weird though. We hung out  most of the weekend. He even met some of my best friends. They all commented on how happy and couply we looked. So I’m extremely confused and upset right now. I just want to have a panic attack and vomit. 

We are meeting up after work to chat so I’ll keep you all posted on how this goes. Wish me luck :/

Hey Meghan is going to WALES!!!

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Yessssss! I have lots of life updates to give you guys. For now I will just tell you how excited I am that I just booked my tickets to Wales to visit my best friend (and my card card didn’t get shut off for fraud !! ha!!).

I haven’t seen her in over a year and I have yet to visit her in Wales. I’m sooooo excited. I’m going to a week and a half in April. I’ve never been on a long flight or to Europe so this shall be interesting. 


I suck 

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Hi my name is Meghan and I suck at blogging. There is a chance for another snow storm tomorrow so maybe I’ll have a day off to catch up on blogs and update you all on my life. Maybe just maybe.