Month: April 2016

Nerves: Wales and IrelandĀ 

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I won’t be posting in the blog for a few weeks. It’s not because I have nothing it say. It’s because I’ll be spending the next week and a half in Wales/Ireland. I am currently extremely excited and also extremely nervous. I am a pro at flying in the USA. I travel alone all the time. I have only ever left the country once and that was a year ago with my family to go to the Bahamas. I have never been to Europe let alone Europe alone. 

I have a night flight tomorrow and I’m curious to see how it goes. Long plane rides tend to give me anxiety. I have very narrow ear cannels so pressure builds up in them and I normally can’t hear well for a few hours. Naturally that would stress anyone out. If anyone has good suggestions for decongestants or good things to do on long flights let me know!

I want to bring a little journal to write about my adventures there. Hopefully I won’t forget it. 

Wish me luck guys. Here comes another adventure. 


Post infusion feelsĀ 

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Well I was going to write a post giving updates on the infusions and such but I’m not now. My head feels fuzzy and I’m tired. I don’t want to think hard enough to actually write a post right now. 5 down and unknown amount to go. At least they are working. The day after just always sucks. Good thing “not boyfriend” is coming over to take care of me after work. 

More posts coming soon. 


Oh adultingĀ 

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It’s that time of the year where I’m stressing about “adulting”. Well more I’m stressing about money again.  I unfortunately had a bunch of bills hit me at once. I needed new contacts ($135), an oil change ($90 boo hybrid cars), and I just found out I need new breaks ($300+). This is also on top of still needing to buy a bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding ($130). I’m in a bit of a panic mode right now. I’m at work and need to focus but it’s nearly impossible right now. 

Work has also been extremely stressful. I’m currently counting down the days till my vacation. Will be in Wales two weeks from now. Thank God! 

I’ll just do my normal overreacted and panic for a day then get over it thing. 


April fools

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