Month: May 2016

World IBD Day: remembering

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Today is World IBD day. It is a day to bring awareness to those who suffer from Irritable  Bowl Disorders. If you don’t know by now, I suffer from Crohns Disease.

It has been a long 11 year battle to get my health intact. I went from being hospitalized at 14 years old and being under 60lbs to now being 24 and a healthy 120-125lbs (depends on the day). Crohns is not only a physical battle. It is also an emotional and mental one. I remember being so angry for so long. I didn’t and still don’t have control over the one thing in my life I should….my own body. I have to rely on medication and infusions to keep my body from essentially eating itself alive. This is an everyday struggle for me. It’s a struggle I rarely let others see. I have a lot of issues because of this disease. I have control issues. I have self-confidence issues. I have body issues. I try my hardest to not let these little demons get the best of me. Some days they win and I break down. Most days I am able to just put a smile (or at least fake one) and go on will my life.

Living with Crohns is and always will be an uphill battle. I am lucky and blessed to have a supportive and loving team of family and friends behind me to catch me if I fall.

I am happy with how far I have come. A year ago today I was hae stomach issues. It dictated my plans and my life. I was out of remission and starting to relapse and I didn’t even know it. I am now healthy and doing what I love again. I am playing soccer and training for a half marathon. I am working to be stronger than ever before. As much as I hate the infusions I wouldn’t be where I am without them. I still remember my first one. I was utterly terrified. I want to cry but just kept running off the high I still had from my first date with not boyfriend. I was a good choice to schedule that the night before my infusion. I had something positive and exciting to look forward to instead of sitting at home and dreading the next year. My next infusion is in about 3 weeks. I believe this is infusion 6 or 7? For now the infusions are permanent. I can only hope that one day I can maybe get off of them and be compeltely medicine free.

Thank you to all of my blog friends that have sent kind words and good thoughts my way throughout all of this. It means the world to me!

Remember,”Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you don’t know about”.





My inner emo angst 

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“Meghan did you really just drop $200 to go see Blink182, A Day to Remember, and All Time Low in August?!?”

“Why YES I DID! Thank you for asking”

But for real. I bought two tickets to see the tour in August!! I’m so excited. For now, not boyfriend is going with me. If not him, Cait will!  Yay yAy yayyyyyy. This will be the 3rd time seeing ADTR (aka my favorite band) and first time seeing Blink and ATL. WOO. 

Okay. Back to work. To you know…. Pay for these tickets 

Adventures and other life things 

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Hello all! I’m back! This post isn’t going to be super long since I’m writing it from my phone. I want to write post about my trip but I’ll wait until I can write it on my computer. For now, I’ll must share some pictures and write a little blurb.  
My vacation was exactly what I needed. I’m feeling so much better and refreshed since coming back. I wasn’t kidding when I told people that I needed a break from everyone and everything. While I was away used my phone as little as possible. The only reason my phone was on was so my best friend ( who I was staying with) could find me if we got separated. Not using my phone was a great choice. Well, staying off of social media and not texting anyone was a good choice. I really needed to just detach myself for a while. 

I was nice to come back to the states with messages from people saying how they missed me. Not boyfriend even admitted that he really missed me while I was gone (especially because I didn’t talk to him at all for a week and a half). That is a milestone for him. He might worse than me at expression emotions. I was glad to know he missed me and was happy to have me back.  

Overall, My trip was wonderful and I hope to go back very soon! I’ll write more on it soon!