Month: June 2016

Trying not to scream 

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Currently at work…watching Coastal Carolina play in the final game of the college World Series….. Trying my hardest to not scream in a dead silent office. 
Prions will write about something other than college baseball soon but we are 4 outs away from winning our first college World Series.   

CORRECTION 3 OUTS. AHH! Go coastal. 



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dear WordPress friends,

My school….. COASTAL CAROLIN…. IS IN THE FINALS IN THE COLLEGE WORLD SERIES. This is by far the farthest we have EVER gotten. Please send good thoughts and support my team as we go on to the finals ( this means you Paul if you’re reading this). Thanks. Promise to write more soon. 
Here is a throw back to the coastal days yes I’m holding an alligator. 

I’m going to try and blog more……

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You know I say this but don’t hold me to it! I’ve missed the blogging world and the friends I made it on. I promise I’m going to try and make an effort to write more, read more and comment more on here. Hi guys! I’m back for now!


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It’s weird to watch people slowly fade out of your life. It’s weird to see the last few remain and the last few memories slowly fade a away. I watch as the last few traces of them disappear like the last few drops of water swirling down the drain.
 I had the weirdest dream last night.  I had a dream that YOU died and I was at his funeral. This is weird because 1) I haven’t dreamed about him in ages and 2) why the heck was he dead in my dream. It’s was very strange. I just remember crying a lot in my dream and saying just because we weren’t friends anymore didn’t mean I wasn’t still sad and terrible to lose him. Randomly later in the dream he wasn’t actually dead but in a coma or something. I think the weird dream was due to the fact fell alseep watching an episode of scrubs last night with a paralyzed boy. 

This all ties into the fading paragraph in the fact that I’ve realized the YOU chapter in my life has all but disappeared. The are very few traces of him left in my life. Just a few memories here and there. That dream freaked me out enough to almost Facebook creep and break the year or two of silence. I thought about texting him saying “I had a scary dream and you were in it. Hope you’re doing alright and life if well”. I didn’t and I won’t though. I deleted his number forever ago. I’m sure I couldn remember it if I tried super hard but I won’t. J is the only thing I really have now besides the memories. The phone calls between her and I have dropped off to barely any though. She will call me once every couple months and that’s about it. She will also check in on me if some big natural disaster is coming since she knows I love alone. That’s it. 

The old Meghan would be sad about all this. I’m fine now though. I’m in a more stable and happier place in my life. I’ve made good friend since moving here. I have my best friends from home still. I’m happy. Finally.