Month: August 2017

A Letter to Meghan

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My lovely Friend Shaz wrote me a nice letter last week. See below.

Source: A Letter to Meghan

I meant to write her back sooner but I was out of town and forgot my laptop. I also ran out of data so I couldn’t use my phone. My bad!

Dear Shaz,

I was so excited to get your letter. I’m not going to lie, I was checking everyday to see if it was my turn yet. This letter will probably be a large ramble/responding to what you said.

First and foremost, I still love Ben and Jerry’s. Fun fact:I’m somewhat lactose intolerant so I don’t eat ice cream very often. When I do eat ice cream,  I go straight for a pint of Milk and cookies or Brownie Batter Core. YUM. Now I want some.

I have loved your blog since I found it. I actually love it for the same reasons you love mine. I always look forward to reading your posts. Your life is like a tv show! I’m hooked. Awkward, that sounds creepy. I mean that in the nicest least creepy way!! I am so happy that I found your blog. I miss your regular posts, but I know that you are busy with school.

As for dating… mom finally gave up asking when I was giving her grandchildren. I am 25, almost 26. I tell everyone I’m never getting married and that I’m just getting a dog and a boat. My family just goes along with it. I made a point to start dating again after I moved closer to the city (back at the end of April). I did date a guy for about a month but that just kind of died off.  Spoiler alert: JM (also known as not boyfriend) and I are back together. That explanation is for another post. My mom knows and likes to try to “subtly” check in on it. I think that is it so nice that you parents are so concerned about you. I also know that it can also get annoying sometimes.

Most of my friends are either getting engaged or are having kids. The struggle is real!! I am so proud that you made you “single-ness” into an empowering moment and not a poor me moment. I defiently let it get me down for a little while. I always questioned ” What is wrong with me? Why doesn’t anyone want a life with me? Why don’t I deserve happiness like everyone else?!?” Sometimes all of this still upsets me, but like you, I try to find empowerment in it all. I’m smart. I’m a fun person. I’m cute. I’m awkward and silly in all the best ways. One day we will find someone who deserves us Shaz. We are too strong and too smart to just settle. I’ve seen so many people get married just to do it. I swear I will never do that!

I hope one day our paths will cross! I agree with you, I think we would be great friends. I’m picturing all of wacky adventures now. It would be like we had our own sitcom. It would be great! Even Paul would watch it.

Thank you so much for writing me! Please feel free to write me again one day!!




PS: I am also very ADD. I have been super medicated since I was 5. That’s why my posts are so….well half thoughts and all over the place! I gave up trying to write in a “composed” manner.


Pss: I’ve been off meds for two and a half years now.



Why I’m in a bad mood today 

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Here is a short sweet list of why I’m in a bad mood today :

1) tmi – that time of the month is just ending so I’m already moody to begin with  

2) A month or two ago a rock hit my windshield while I was driving. It left a small crater no less than a quarter on my windshield. I had been putting off fixing it until today… yesterday I noticed three line growing out of the crater. They were harmless. Today they have quadrupled in size and are now starting to obstruct my view.  On Monday, I’m trading $324 for a new windshield. ** cries in corner**
3) my manager is being a pain 

4) Jm was supposed to come home with me this weekend and bailed because he’s freaking out about it -_- ugh 
And that is why I’m in bad mood my friends.