Why I’m in a bad mood today 

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Here is a short sweet list of why I’m in a bad mood today :

1) tmi – that time of the month is just ending so I’m already moody to begin with  

2) A month or two ago a rock hit my windshield while I was driving. It left a small crater no less than a quarter on my windshield. I had been putting off fixing it until today… yesterday I noticed three line growing out of the crater. They were harmless. Today they have quadrupled in size and are now starting to obstruct my view.  On Monday, I’m trading $324 for a new windshield. ** cries in corner**
3) my manager is being a pain 

4) Jm was supposed to come home with me this weekend and bailed because he’s freaking out about it -_- ugh 
And that is why I’m in bad mood my friends. 


Let me know what you think :)

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