Month: March 2018

Life life life

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WHOOPS! Yet again I’m writing like a post a month.  First of all I’m writing this from my new laptop! That was a lovely   adult moment. I’ve had the same Mac book since I graduated from high school. It’s 8 years old. It got to the point where it was barely working. It took 10 min just to start up and my Microsoft word wouldn’t save anything I did anymore.  I think the easiest was to catch up on life it to do it in my favorite way! LISTS!


Life: Well I bought a new computer. That was $1,203 I really didn’t want to spend. Feel free to debate Macs vs other computers with me. I am an apple snob. I stand by that. Apple products are ridiculously expensive but they last. My old laptop did last 8 years! My anxiety has been doing alright. I’ve been out of therapy since November. I was dealing with a bunch of insurance changes so it was hard to stay in. That reminds me, I need to email my therapist back. Overall though, I’ve been doing alright. My anxiety has been spiking here and there but it’s been manageable. I’ve been on lexapro for over a year now and it really has helped. I hate needing medicine to function normally, but it has helped a ton.

Dating: Hmm well I ended things with that guy from my last post. I wasn’t happy. I brought it up and nothing changed. There was no point sticking around if nothing was going to change. I’ve been out playing the field. I like to call it fishing. Right now I’m talking to three different guys. I’ve been on two dates with all of them. There is one that is def a favorite. We will see  how this all goes. More updates to come.

Work: I started my new job back at the end of January. I like it a lot! It’s nice to work in a place where people respect me. I’m  actually given responsibilities and it a weird but good change for me. I was the youngest at my old job and was treated as so. I am still the youngest at this job but I am treated like an equal . I don’t dread going to work anymore and I don’t have a passive aggressive boss who is rude and belittling to me.


That’s all I have right now!