Hey baby I think I wanna marry you

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I’ll just start off by saying…YES I know I’m a  loser because half of the title’s of my posts are either song lyrics or titles….BUT this is my blog so I can be lame all I want!

Anyways…. 21 is a weird age. It is that time in your life( or at least for me) when you are finding that your friends/family members are all around that age where they are settling down and getting married. This year alone I have 3 weddings to go to. It is a strange time indeed because personally I don’t understand how people can settle down so early in life. I don’t think I am anywhere near suited to be a bride or a mother….at least not at this age. I have some more growing up to do and life experiences to gain. On the other hand, although I like to tell people that, “I’ve given up on men and am NEVER getting married. I’m just going to get a bunch of dogs and a house boat”, marriage is something I do want and hope for in the future. Like I said, I’m just not at a settling down point in my life yet. There is still so much to do, so much to explore and so much to learn.

(Side bar: the giving up on men thing is a totally other story that will be told eventually…when I feel like discussing my complicated love life…………………..)

BUT.. back to the point of this post. The first wedding of this year was two weeks ago. My adventures took me to the lovely state of Indiana to see off the first cousin in my  family to get married. I was a very beautiful wedding in a restored barn in an apple orchard. A little bit about my cousin.She  is a very artsy person who is especially into photography and has been for a long time. Naturally, she would have a free photobooth at her wedding!! Now we all know how it gets when you have a room of about 150 people, free photo booth and an open bar. THINGS GET WEIRD! There was a tv screen outside the photobooth that showed a random mix of all the photos that had been taken. Let’s just say there were some GREAT ones. Sadly, since the photos were of complete strangers, or distant relatives I’ve only met once, I’m not at liberty to display those photos nor do I have them.


My cousins and I all took our turns(multiple times…) gracing the photobooth with our presence. Here are some “gems” aka some of my favorite photos from our stash.

How old do you have to be to drink beer? 59!

He was really proud of this one…. there is a back story to it.

Can you free the love tonight?!

Got in a photo sesh with the bride.

Cousins are fun

YUP…this is my family.

I mustache you a question….but I’ll shave it for later.

Finally got him to make a funny face 🙂




A brief look into a day in my mind

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Here is just a brief look into the inner workings of my mind. Note it would be too scary to give a full play by play of my mind throughout the day. Here is just a small glimpse.

**ugh what time is it?!?**

** oh wait lets hit snooze two more times**

**ugh time to get up**

**I love sleep…why can’t I sleep forever**

**oh yeah I was supposed to get out of bed already**

**oh look fish**

** I wish I could catch a shark**

**crap I’m too short to be wading out in this water**

** Ahh I love fish… and nerdy things**

**blah blah blah genetic studies of invasive species**

** Kingdom, species, order…..SCIENCE**

**i miss you**

**UGH NO! Stop meghan. Don’t think about that.**

**ah but I miss you..and just hanging out**

** I should be there right now**

**why am I not there right now like last year?!?**

**oh yeah…. LIFE**

**NO stop thinking about this**

**gah but I do miss you**

**what I would give for a hug….or some alone time**

**alright don’t let your mind go there**

**ugh I need to run**

**this is dumb**

**focus Meghan**

**Damn it why don’t I belong to a gym around here?!

** I need to get back into yoga…that always cleared my mind**

**I need to start running too…..every time I think about you I have to run**

** guess I’ll be ready to run that half marathon by the fall**

**I’m hungry…… I want taco bell**

**NOOO I need to eat better**

**But I did just run**

**I’ve gained weight in all the wrong places**

**my butts gotten bigger but not in a good way**

**ugh I want my gym back!!**

**I’m tired….is it time for a nap now**

*wait I’m still hungry**

**DUCKS DUCKS DUCKS!! I love ducks!!**

THE END……for now!


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“The waves of the sea help me get back to me.”

–Jill Davis

Run baby run

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I’ve decided that anytime I think about you I have to go for a run…





Looks like I’ll be able to run a half marathon by the end of this summer. 

WAIT!! I have followers?!

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*victory dance*

I just discovered I have followers( yeah.. I’m still learning how to use this thing). I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the random strangers who are fascinated enough with my life to follow me. It’s nice to know someone is reading what I have to say!

That is all! More posts coming as soon as I can conquer the extreme burst of ADD that has erupted today and focus long enough to finish some posts.



Expressing my inner nerd

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So I’m unleashing my inner nerd today. I am super excited because today at work we caught a lamprey! What is a lamprey you may ask?!?!

I want to suck your blood
I want to suck your blood

Well you could say a lamprey is like the vampire of the sea.Lampreys will latch on to the other fish and suck their blood (like a vampire)!

Here is a picture of a lamprey

YES, they are the creepy eel looking things attached to the fish. They are part of the jawless fish order (thanks wikipedia). Here is what the inside of their mouth looks like!

And this is the inside of a lampreys mouth

Inside a lampreys mouth
Inside a lampreys mouth

Cute right?!

But anyways……

We caught a baby one today. Luckily, it was not a fully matured lamprey so it did not have that lovely set of teeth. I thought it was pretty cool and I wanted to share that lovely tid-bit about my day.

ALSO…..fun fact.

My sister is terrified of these things and anything that reminds her of a tape worm. I will be showing her pictures of it later!



Hate is a strong word….but lets be honest I really don’t like you.

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First off I would like to start this post by saying I am a very mellow and peaceful person. I don’t like fights and have never ever been in a physical confrontation. With this said there are a few select people that I would gladly serve a five finger sandwich straight to the kisser if I had the opportunity. It is very rare that I don’t like a person. I can count on one hand the people I dislike to that extreme. If you made the list then CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve done something terrible enough to make me dislike you that much. That is an achievement.


I do my best to keep these people that provoke these negative feelings out of my life but sometimes they find a way of sneaking back in…..cough cough stupid social media. Long story short, a person that made my list of people I really want nothing to do with “popped up ” today. See their presence, and media they were displaying on an unnamed social media app, put me in a bad mood. Instead of posting “subtweets” or obnoxious statuses I decided to make a blanket rant on here. I would never actually name these people anyways because that’s wrong. It just feels nice to let it out really. Now that I’ve done that I’ll try my best to just let it go and get back to positive thoughts.




ps: I do not own any of these images. All found on google. (I don’t like you & bye)