Ey yo dog!

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sup dog
sup dog
love me
love me

A day in the life of Meghan

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So as of lately when I go to write a post I just completely blank on what I wanted to write (like now). I would have this whole eloquently witty post all figured out in my head then BOOM gone! So I’m just kind of winging it now. Sorry ahead of time.

In the past few days I have been terribly exhausted. Work has kicked my butt this week physically. I’m embarrassed to admit that on Wednesday night I was asleep by about 8:30pm and around 9-9:30 on Thursday! What is happening to me?!! Anyways, before all this sleeping occurred I had planned on telling you about my day on Thursday. You could say that Thursday was just “one of those days”.

Let me set the scene. It was a cloudy and dreary day. Due to all the storms we have been having in the past few weeks neither river I had to investigate was in the best conditions. The first river was a very small and narrow place with slippery muddy bottoms. It was filled with fallen trees blocking the way and banks covered in thorns and poison ivy. Beautiful right?! Well, it was apparent that gravity was just not “team Meghan” that day. While trying to climb up a bank that had already become extremely muddy and slick, I took a nice tumble. It was one step (…almost safe!), step two (..SPLAT!). My entire left side was covered in mud! That wasn’t where my day ended though. Gravity, like most people, seemed to like even numbers. Since my left slide was already covered in mud my right side deserved something. The next river we went to seemed like a nice friendly river. The bottom started off as a nice pebbly bottom, but slowly  evolved in a slick rocky bottom with strong  currents. Lucky for me, gravity was feeling kind and wanted to help wash muddy Meghan off. I found myself on a slippery rock. Trying to be smart, I tried to slowly navigate myself off this slick rock to more stable ground only to catch my foot on another rock and go tumbling into the water. This time it was my right side that paid the price getting soaked. As I said… it just was “one of those days”.

My day wasn’t all bad though. I got to meet some interesting characters along the way. The first critter we ran into was a fairly large snapping turtle who was not too fond of our presence.

Am I not turtlely enough for the turtle club?!

Our next fun guest was an animal I had never seen before. It was a muskrat. I was also not too found of us coming around. Needless to say it scared the crap out of all of us when it shot out of it den. We thought it was an angry beaver and those are not something you want to mess with. A muskrat is somewhat of an awkward looking animal. It looks like a cross between a rat and a beaver.

I’m going to attack your face!

he last critter we saw was my favorite. It was a baby deer. He was just chilling along the bank watching us. Needless to say… I named him Bambi. He was really cute.

Hi I'm adorable
Hi I’m adorable

So that was pretty much my day.



No time for dat

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Well I was going to write  awesome posts today but I’m too tired so I pick sleep.

And it has started

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So one thing I did not mention about myself is that I am a founding member of a sorority at my school. As of this morning I have received the news that the first of my fellow founding sisters is engaged. Yup ENGAGED. Most of the founding sisters (including me) were freshmen when we first started and are now seniors. Due to this fact, I believe this sisters engagement is going to start off a chain reaction of more engagements within the year. Looks like I’m going to need to go dress shopping. 




Oh the places you will go

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.  So much has been going through my mind. One thing I’ve been thinking about is goals and things I want to accomplish once I graduate. Some are silly and fun while others are life changing things. Here is just a brief list of somethings I’d like to do once I graduate in a year. I’m sure more will be added eventually.

-go to grad school

-learn to sail

-go to Disney

-travel the world

-get a Ph.D in marine biosciences

-make a discovery

-go cliff diving

-face fears (I’m scared of heights ^^)

– save up for a boat

– run a half marathon

– run a marathon

Women are meant…

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Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.

-Oscar Wilde


Hey baby I think I wanna marry you

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I’ll just start off by saying…YES I know I’m a  loser because half of the title’s of my posts are either song lyrics or titles….BUT this is my blog so I can be lame all I want!

Anyways…. 21 is a weird age. It is that time in your life( or at least for me) when you are finding that your friends/family members are all around that age where they are settling down and getting married. This year alone I have 3 weddings to go to. It is a strange time indeed because personally I don’t understand how people can settle down so early in life. I don’t think I am anywhere near suited to be a bride or a mother….at least not at this age. I have some more growing up to do and life experiences to gain. On the other hand, although I like to tell people that, “I’ve given up on men and am NEVER getting married. I’m just going to get a bunch of dogs and a house boat”, marriage is something I do want and hope for in the future. Like I said, I’m just not at a settling down point in my life yet. There is still so much to do, so much to explore and so much to learn.

(Side bar: the giving up on men thing is a totally other story that will be told eventually…when I feel like discussing my complicated love life…………………..)

BUT.. back to the point of this post. The first wedding of this year was two weeks ago. My adventures took me to the lovely state of Indiana to see off the first cousin in my  family to get married. I was a very beautiful wedding in a restored barn in an apple orchard. A little bit about my cousin.She  is a very artsy person who is especially into photography and has been for a long time. Naturally, she would have a free photobooth at her wedding!! Now we all know how it gets when you have a room of about 150 people, free photo booth and an open bar. THINGS GET WEIRD! There was a tv screen outside the photobooth that showed a random mix of all the photos that had been taken. Let’s just say there were some GREAT ones. Sadly, since the photos were of complete strangers, or distant relatives I’ve only met once, I’m not at liberty to display those photos nor do I have them.


My cousins and I all took our turns(multiple times…) gracing the photobooth with our presence. Here are some “gems” aka some of my favorite photos from our stash.

How old do you have to be to drink beer? 59!

He was really proud of this one…. there is a back story to it.

Can you free the love tonight?!

Got in a photo sesh with the bride.

Cousins are fun

YUP…this is my family.

I mustache you a question….but I’ll shave it for later.

Finally got him to make a funny face 🙂