Month: March 2015

Perks of having your own place

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The things my friends send me

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   My friend Carly sent me this first one. She said it reminded her of me. 


My best guy friend from college, Tim, just tagged me in this. It’s weird how friends know what to send you at just the right moments. Tim’s right. We are both on our way. On our ways to the beginng of our lives. 

Getting settled inĀ 

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I’m slowly but surely getting settled in. Last night was weird. I always have a hard time sleeping in new places. My mom ended up crashing here so we explored the area some. I learned there is a horse racing track a mile or two away. I also found out I’m wayyy closer to baltimore than I thought. It’s roughly 20 miles away. It looks like I’ll be exploring some tomorrow and Tuesday before I start work. 


Welcome home

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I did it. I moved to Maryland. I don’t have Internet or cable yet so I’ll be blogging on my phone. Here are se pictures of my new place. My bedroom isn’t finished yet. I’m proud of this place. I love it already. It’s feels even better to know I paid for it. Also, there is a panera, total wines (that also sells liquor) and this fascinating place called cakes plus within two miles of my new apartment. I’m excited. I have three days till I start work so I guess I’ll finish unpacking my room, explore and annoy Verizon until they install my internet/cable. 









Last goodbye

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This is the last post I plan to talk about my “unfortunate” news on wednesday. It sucks blah blah blah. I don’t have time to dwell on it anymore. I just have to move forward. I plan to write one more post talking about YOU. When I am ready and have the time I plan to write an open letter.

For now I’ll just post this song. It’s pretty spot on with everything. Yes I don’t mind a kesha song from time to time. I’m sure you guys prefer me posting that instead of my scremo songs.

This is really happening

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One of my first thoughts when waking up today was “wow this is really my last day in Virginia. OH SHIT this is really happening.”

My dad and I have to go pick the moving truck up in a few hours. I need to do all the packing I was putting off and I need to call the cable company. YIKES. I’m really moving this time. I know I was supposed to move about a month ago but I didn’t because of this job. That move was temporary anyways. This move is FOR REAL. I’m starting a new job and a new life in state where I now know nobody! YiKES!! I’m very nervous and anxious right now. I can only describe it as leaving for college the first time. YIKES!

I start my new job on Wednesday so I’ll have some time to unpack and get familiar with the area. Hopefully everything goes well! I won’t have internet for a few days in the beginning but I’ll try to post some photos via my phone of the place!


Who did thisĀ 

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My dog thinks she’s a human. Who taught her this because I didn’t.

Yes that’s my pillow she was sleeping on.