Month: September 2017

3 posts in one week?!

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This one is going to be short and sweet. I have a lot to write about and I really need to write it all. A lot has been happening in the last few months. I’ve been running like crazy. I wanted to write tonight but I’m still utterly exhausted from my infusion. I swear I will catch up on writing this weekend. For now, I need to rest and clean. Thanks to hurricane Irma I think Jess will be paying me a visit again. Yay blogger visitors! I’ll link Jess’s blog when I’m not writing from my phone. 

How has everyone been?! I missed everyone. Leave a comment and say hi and tell me what you’ve been up to. I’m slowly catching up on everyone’s posts but give me some help! 


Apartment tour 

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In an attempt to post more…. here is a quick picture tour of my now not so new apartment. Some of these photos are old. I didn’t feel like fully cleaning my room for these so whoops.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Don’t worry guys! I’m working on other posts!


Welcome to my apartment!

First up we have the kitchen. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in. The best part is the fridge because it’s oh so large.

Fun fact: I can’t reach the top shelf in the cabinets. I’m too short. 

Next up we have the living room/dining room area. It’s not super big but just big enough. My couch fits perfectly 🙂

From the living room we have a lovely little patio. We now have a tomato plant and some spices growing on it. 
Finally, we have my room. There is a second bedroom, but it is my roommates so no tour of that. Excuse my unmade bed. 

Door one is a walk in closet. Door two is my private bathroom.



I swear 

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I swear I was planning on finally catching up on all my blog posts yesterday BUTTTTTTT. 

Well. I had my infusion yesterday and ended up feeling really sick to my stomach and getting a bad headache. So I went to sleep at like 7pm. WHYYY ARE THESE THINGS DOING THIS TO MEEEEE ALL OF A SUDDEND?!?  I woke up maybe and hour ago and the headaches are back. The urge to vomit is also slowly coming back. Today is normally when the side effects of Remicade are the worst. I need to get out of bed soon though. I have to go get allergy  tested at 10 because I’ve been having allergic reactions to food lately. Body what are you doing to me?!? I then need to try and survive a few hours of work. Last time I only made it through two. Even though I hate work as of lately, going there is still better than sitting home alone feeling miserable.  

Until I can post again please enjoy this picture of my beautiful new niece. I’ll write a post about her soon!